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Public Hearings

  • Public Notice - Public Hearing - Land Use Amendment - Bylaw 6405 - 1304 6 Avenue S

    The proposed rezoning will continue to allow for the uses under the existing DC Bylaw and introduce the following new uses: restaurants, retail store, and mixed use dwelling. Bylaw 6405 will continue to include measures to preserve the existing building.

  • Bylaw 6403 - 1730 10 Avenue S

    This amendment will allow the continued use of Assisted Living Residential Care Facilities and Supportive Living Residential Care Facilities without the age restrictions that exist today that allow only seniors to be housed at this location.


  • Bylaw 6402 - 618 6 Ave S

    This amendment will allow the existing single detached dwelling to be converted to a personal services use.


  • Bylaw 6394 - Railway Relocation Lands Area Redevelopment Plan Amendment

    The Plan would be amended to remove the parcel at 802 2A Ave N from the plan area in order to facilitate a proposed rezoning of the property to a new Direct Control land use district, which is proposed in a separate draft bylaw (6395). No other change would be made to the plan.

  • Bylaw 6395 - 802 2A Avenue North

    The proposed rezoning will allow for new uses on the property and for delegation of development approval authority to the Development Authority.

    The subject parcel is the location of the Shelter, currently operated by Blood Tribe Health. It is currently zoned a Direct Control district, and re-fers to the Railway Relocation Lands Area Rede-velopment Plan. An associated draft bylaw, By-law 6394, would remove this parcel from the plan area.

  • Bylaw 6401 Map - 2910 16 Ave N
    Bylaw 6401 - 2910 16 Ave N

    This amendment will allow for offices and other business industrial-type land uses in addition to the general industrial land uses that are currently allowed on the parcel.

  • Public Hearing - Land Use Amendment Bylaw 6399 - February 22, 2023 - March 21, 2023
    The purpose of this amendment is to allow for the development of four residential units designed to appear as a duplex with secondary suites.
  • Public Hearing - Bylaw 6387
    The proposed Land Use Bylaw amendment will replace the exisiting Urban Innovation (UI) district and the assocaited Broadcast Business Park Comprehensive Site Plan with a Direct Control (DC) district. It will also remove and add a few land uses that are not currently allowable and change a portion of the area that is currently shown as business industrial in the Comprehensive Site Plan to one that primarily consists of general industrial land uses.



  • Public Hearing - Land Use Amendment Bylaw 6391

    ​The proposed Land Use Bylaw amendment will allow the use of the existing building as supportive housing, unrestricted as a permitted use.



  • Public Hearing - Land Use Amendment Bylaw 6399 - February 22, 2023 - March 21, 2023
    The proposed Land Use Bylaw amendment will allow the use of the existing buildings as a shelter and supportive housing, unrestricted as permitted uses.



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