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Council Highlights May 14, 2024

Video and minutes 

  • From an Official Business Motion co-sponsored by Councillor Jenn Schmidt-Rempel and Mayor Blaine Hyggen, Lethbridge City Council voted unanimously to allocate $15,000 from Council Contingencies for a refreshed marketing and recruitment campaign in partnership with Alberta Health Services South Zone, Chinook Primary Care Network, Economic Development Lethbridge, and other community partners. The updated plan will add new initiatives reflecting our current situation, including advocating for physicians in specialty areas, and exploring additional areas for partnership. There will be a report back to Council no later than July 2024. Read the full news release here
  • Council voted 8-1 to direct Administration to return to an SPC meeting in summer 2025 with an update on the Downtown bike lane usage – then also return in summer 2026 with a report on bike lane usage, safety, and modifications to address other issues that may arise. The remaining work, to connect the 7 Avenue bike boulevard to the lanes in Downtown Lethbridge, is scheduled to begin May 27 and will take about four weeks to complete. Read the full news release here
  • As part of the Consent Agenda approval, Council voted in favour of updates to the Encampment Strategy, which will include a new outreach model, in partnership with Lethbridge Police Service and the Watch Program, to provide an enhanced service for the vulnerable population as well as the community at large. The Watch will be able to utilize existing resources and expand current scope with support from the City’s Community Social Development outreach specialists to provide an increased ability to adapt and respond to community needs in real time. Read the full news release here
  • With a direct tie-in to the 2023-2026 City of Lethbridge Operating Budget, approved in November 2022, property tax rates for 2024 have now been set and notices will soon be sent to property owners in the city. Council has approved this year’s tax rate bylaw, which sets the property tax rates to be imposed upon property within the City of Lethbridge. Read the full PSA here
  • Council unanimously supported an Official Business Motion from Councillor Jenn Schmidt-Rempel to authorize the Mayor to invite representatives from Lethbridge College, Red Crow Community College, and University of Lethbridge to an upcoming meeting of the Governance Standing Policy Committee. They will be asked to brief the committee on retention rates among graduates and their respective and/or collective efforts to support greater retention of graduates in our community, as well as to provide recommendations on how City Council could support these efforts
  • After being pulled from Consent Agenda, Council voted 7-2 in support of a recommendation of Governance Standing Policy Committee - Advancing Community Wellbeing and Safety: CWSS Advisory Committee/Community Advisory Board Governance Amendments
  • As part of the Consent Agenda approval, the following items were also carried: Recommendation of Governance Standing Policy Committee - Heart of Our City Committee Terms of Reference Update and Recommendation of Assets and Infrastructure Standing Policy Committee - Indoor Court/Multipurpose Space and Audit Analysis (Scope of Joint Use Agreement Review)
  • Council voted unanimously in favour of the Targeted Redevelopment Incentive Program (TRIP) 2024 Municipal Tax Cancellations
  • Council voted unanimously in favour of both second and third readings for Bylaw 6436 - 2024 Downtown BIA Tax Rate Bylaw
  • Council voted unanimously in favour of first reading for Bylaw 6445 – Amendment to Bylaw 3999 – Water Services Bylaw. Second and third readings are scheduled for the May 28 Council meeting

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