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Retailer services

Electricity and natural gas products and services are competitive in Alberta. You are free to choose a retailer of your choice. You can find a listing of licensed Alberta Retailers and compare prices at the Utilities Consumer Advocate website or call 310-4455 (toll free in Alberta).

Delivery of your electricity is not affected by your choice.

Lethbridge Electric Utility (LEU) provides energy to those customers who do not have a retailer. Visit our utility rates page for the current rates offered by the city of Lethbridge. 

​About retailers    

To offer service in Lethbridge, retailers must be registered with the Alberta Electric System Operator and must have an agreement with the City of Lethbridge.

If you want to learn more about finding a retailer, the Utilities Consumer Advocate provides information.  Visit the Utilities Consumer Advocate website to compare electric prices, view historical rates or get help resolving utility related issues. 

For retailers​ 

Retailers applying for registration must meet prudential and technical requirements.

Upon completion of these requirements, the City will proceed with formal execution of the Retail Access Service agreement (RASA).  For more information or a copy of the Retailer Access Service package please email

As per the Code of Conduct Regulation 58/2015 and the City of Lethbridge Code of Conduction Compliance Plan, Customer Information is only disclosed to a Retailer that has executed and submitted a Representation and Warranty Agreement. Please submit a Historic Data Request and we will respond by email.

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