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Watershed Protection

What is a watershed?

Wherever you live, you live in a watershed. A watershed is the area of land that carries water from the land after rain falls and snow melts through the soil, groundwater, creeks and streams making its way into larger rivers and eventually the ocean.

What Watershed do we live in?

The Oldman River Watershed is located in the southwest corner of Southern Alberta. There is one city, Lethbridge, located within the watershed and several towns and hamlets that are home to approximately 200,000 people.

Each watershed is sub-divided into smaller sections. Below is a map which illustrates the four sub-basins that exist within the Oldman Watershed.

Oldman River Basin Sub-Basins map property of Oldman Watershed Council

Fun Fact: Our water eventually drains into the Hudson Bay! Click here to Discover Canada's Watersheds.   
*Base map Provided by Environment Canada

The Oldman Watershed Council (OWC) is a community-based, not-for-profit that works with everyone to find practical solutions to environmental challenges that impact us all. It takes time
and effort to work collaboratively but OWC is building a new way of managing our water and land where we all do our part, work together and think long term. We believe it's worth the investment.

"As residents of the Oldman River Basin Watershed, we are responsible for the health of our watershed and the quality of our water,"  - Oldman Watershed Council.

Find out more about the Oldman Watershed.

Learn more about getting involved in the community and keeping our stormwater clean within your neighbourhood and broader community by looking at our stormwater education.

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