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Access-A-Ride (AAR) is a City of Lethbridge service for people who cannot use the regular public transit service with safety and dignity. AAR is a shared-ride public transportation service that operates within the City of Lethbridge providing safe and accessible door-to-door transportation for eligible AAR riders.

Booking and scheduling decisions are made to optimize our services for as many customers as possible. The costs of our services are offset by fares collected from our clients with the remaining operating deficit is funded by the City of Lethbridge.

Notification of Eligibility Status within 10 to 15 business days following the completion of the assessment by Lifemark Health as follows:
Conditional (State Condition)
During winter months when snow and ice would impact balance and mobility
Should receive service then be reassessed at 3 months
Should receive service then be reassessed at 6 months
Should receive service then be reassessed at 1 year
Other. Specify condition and duration:
Temporary (State Duration):
In-Eligible for Access-A-Ride
Once a decision is made, a letter will be mailed to the applicant. If approved, a registration number will be issued and included in the letter. If declined, the reasons outlining the decision will be provided in the letter.

If your registration is denied by ACCESS-A-Ride, you may appeal this decision Lifemark Health by putting your request in writing uploading your request through the Lifemark Application Portal. Please ensure to include additional medical to support your appeal. Lifemark will acknowledge receipt of appeal within 1 business day and review your request within 5 business days. Lifemark will issue a letter to the City of Lethbridge Access-A-Ride Transit. City of Lethbridge will advise you of the appeal decision. If you wish to appeal again, your appeal will be reviewed by the Transit Appeal Panel.

To request a formal review, please send a letter to the:
Chairman of the Transit Appeal Panel.
619 - 4 Ave N
Lethbridge, AB T1H 0K4


Lifemark is Lethbridge Transit's chosen service provider responsible for:
  • Receiving and reviewing all Access-A-Ride applications; including the accompanying medical information from a Physician, Occupational Therapist and/or Physical Therapist.
  • Booking a functional/cognitive assessment with a qualified Occupational Therapist and/or Kinesilogist to assist in the decision making process.
  • Make a recommendation regarding eligibility to the City of Lethbridge Transit Access-A-Ride program.


Web Booking is our online ride reservation site for registered AAR clients with an email address on file. Web Booking allows you to:

  • Book AAR trips using any computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • View your records.
  • View your confirmed reservations for the next seven days.
  • Book a trip up to seven days in advance.
  • Cancel upcoming trips.
The Access-A-Ride Web Booking system enables clients the freedom to book trips without having to call a booking agent. If you are interested in registering for web booking please go to to get started. This is a free service.


Access-A-Ride users will now be able to apply for the bus pass program through the Fee Assistance Program, that aims at providing assistance to those that face financial barriers.


Cash Fare $3.00
LT Fare card replacement fee (replacement cards only available at the Park 'n' Ride) $5.00
10 LT Fare card rides $30.00
20 LT Fare card rides $60.00
30 LT Fare card rides $90.00
40 LT Fare card rides $120.00


HeadsUP is a customized alert system for Access-A-Ride clients that provides advanced notice about your scheduled trips via phone, email or text message. You can pick which alerts you want to receive and how you want to receive them.

Receive a reminder automated phone call the night before your trip and either confirm or cancel your trip right on that call. You can choose to receive an alert when the bus is on its way to pick you up letting you know the exact time it will arrive.  Receive emails or text messages as receipts of new bookings, cancellations, changes to your trips or no shows.


Booking hours: Monday to Friday, 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM

*Closed on weekends and statutory holidays
For after-hours AAR trip
cancellations call 403-329-6464
Phone: 403-329-6464
Fax: 403-380-3876


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