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Transit Fares and Passes

Breeze Card Fee (new & replacement) $5.00
5 Years & Under  FREE


Cash Fare (exact fare required)  $3.00
 10 Rides $22.50
 Monthly Pass  $77.00
 Day Pass $7.50

 Semester Pass*  $289.00

* Semester Pass can only be purchased at the University, College, City Hall & Transit Office locations.

 Cash Fare (exact fare required) $3.00
 10 Rides  $21.00
 Monthly Pass  $62.00
 Day Pass $7.50

Cash Fare (exact fare required) $3.00
10 Rides $21.00
Day Pass $7.50
Monthly Pass  $28.00
Yearly Pass $280.00

**Subject to change without notice.  All tickets and passes are non-refundable.


The use of the  Fee Assistance program for a refugee bus pass was extended until August 1. This includes Ukrainians who have come to Canada under the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel program.

Breeze Cards

A Breeze Card is an electronic card similar to a credit\debit card that you can use to pay your fare. Breeze cards can be reloaded and can carry passes, tickets and even e-cash. 


  • a microchip inside your card stores all of the information
  • a simple tap on the target of the farebox reads the chip
  • screen of farebox tells you the remaining balance on your card

  • Your Breeze Card is smart
  • You always have exact change and you always pay the "best fare"
  • If you lose your registered Breeze Card, you don’t lose the value on your card
  • Your Breeze Card can be personalized
  • You can configure your Breeze Card so the farebox messages you see are provided in your choice of 16 languages
  • You can arrange to have the messages displayed a little longer or the sounds a little louder to accommodate your own special needs
  • Your Breeze Card can be loaded by our vendors, by phone, and (coming soon) online

$5.00 dollars per card, plus price of your choice of fare (pass, tickets, e-cash)


Breeze cards can be purchased at ticket and pass outlets. Once you have purchased a Breeze card, value can be added at an outlet or over the phone at (403) 320-3885. Credit card payment is not accepted at certain ticket outlets or over the phone.

  • Adult, Senior & Access-A-Ride - 5 years from the issue date of card
  • Post-Secondary & Youth - Must be renewed each year with valid proof of age/student ID

If your Breeze Card is showing "EXPIRED CARD" on the farebox, please bring your card to City Hall or the Transit Office to have it renewed.  There is no charge for renewal, please bring valid ID.


  • Date and time automatically encoded on your card
  • No need to ask for transfer unless paying by cash
  • Must board second bus within hour of original trip
  • Additional riders must ask for paper transfers

You can swap your damaged Breeze Card for a new one without charge at the Transit Office.

If your card is lost you can purchase a new card for a $5.00 fee. If your card is registered you can transfer your balance onto your new card.

Breeze Card Expiration and Replacement

Adult, Senior & Access-A-Ride Breeze cards expire five years after the date of issue.  Post-Secondary & Youth Breeze cards expire each year. Expired Breeze cards can only be renewed for free at City Hall or Lethbridge Transit Office. Valid ID and/or student ID is required.  

Access-A-Ride replacement Breeze cards can only be purchased at the Lethbridge Transit office. 


  • ​City Hall Cashiers: (note: cash or debit only)​ 921 - 4 Ave S
  • Draffins Pharmasave: 319 - 5 St S
  • ​Red Arrow: ​705 - 5 Ave S

  • ​Lethbridge Transit: ​619 - 4 Ave N
  • ​Nord-Bridge Seniors Centre: ​1904 - 13 Ave N
  • ​Stafford Pharmacy: ​1475 St Edward Blvd N


  • Lethbridge College Students' Association: ​3000 College Dr S
  • ​Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organization: ​500 - 11 St S
  • ​Lethbridge Vehicle Licensing & Registry: ​2045 Mayor Magrath Dr S


  • ​Prescription Centre West: ​30 Jerry Potts Blvd W
    • (note: cash or debit only)
  • ​Shoppers Drug Mart: ​110 Columbia Blvd W
  • ​Shoppers Drug Mart: 380 University Dr W​
  • ​University of Lethbridge Student Union: ​4401 University Dr W


Demand Response

​cityLINK Demand Response provides service to zones where Transit lines are not available. Demand Response provides customers with access within each zone and connects customers to Neighbourhood and High Frequency Lines offering more opportunities.


Booking a Ride

  • Use the Rides on Demand App which is available on the Apple or Android App Stores
  • Call 311

We will drop you off within the same Demand Response zone or at an associated transfer hub. Watch for the vehicle to pull up and be ready! Because we have other passengers waiting, we will only wait for 2 minutes.

You should book your trip when you are ready to leave – the bus will arrive within 20 minutes of booking.


  • You can take Demand Response from any point in an active demand zone or a designated cityHUB
  • You take to Demand Response to any point within the zone you are being picked up in or to the designated cityHUB to transfer to other services.

Contact Us

City Hall
910 4 Avenue South
Lethbridge, AB T1J 0P6

Phone: 311
or 403-320-3111 (if outside of Lethbridge)


Transit Hours

Monday - Friday 5:45 a.m. to 12 a.m.
Saturday 7 a.m. to 12 a.m.
Sunday & Holidays 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

*Not all routes operate on evenings and weekends.


Holidays with Transit service:
New Year's Day - Family Day - Good Friday - Easter Sunday - Victoria Day - Canada Day - Heritage Day - Labour Day - National Day for Truth and Reconciliation - Thanksgiving Day - Remembrance Day - Boxing Day

Holidays with no Transit service:
Christmas Day


Lethbridge Transit Apps

Rides on Demand

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