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Transit Fares and Passes

LT Fare card activation fee (new after October 1 & replacement) $5.00
5 Years & Under  FREE


Cash Fare (exact fare required)  $3.00
 10 Rides $22.50
 Monthly Pass  $77.00
 Day Pass $7.50

 Semester Pass*  $289.00

* Semester Pass can only be purchased at the University, College, City Hall & Transit Office locations.

 Cash Fare (exact fare required) $3.00
 10 Rides  $21.00
 Monthly Pass  $62.00
 Day Pass $7.50

Cash Fare (exact fare required) $3.00
10 Rides $21.00
Day Pass $7.50
Monthly Pass  $28.00
Yearly Pass $280.00

**Subject to change without notice.  All tickets and passes are non-refundable.


The Fee Assistance Program will expand again to incorporate the existing Refugee Bus Pass program and Access-A-Ride options. The program aims at providing individuals and families with access to recreation and cultural programing in the community, along with assistance with the cost of bus passes.



LT Fare Card and App

We've introduced a new fare collection system. With the new system customers will no longer have to visit a physical location to reload their transit card. Now, customers will also be able to conveniently reload their fare card on or download the LT Fare mobile app and add fare from the comfort of their home, office or on the go.

Those apply/re-applying for a bus pass through the Fee Assistance Program must use the online application process and cannot reload your cards using the LT Fare app.

The new fare system also consists of tap-to-pay technology on the bus. You can now tap your debit or credit card (Visa or MasterCard) on the onboard validator to pay for a ride. Cash will still be accepted on all buses.

Key Terms

Fare Media: Fare Media is what you use to pay on the bus, it can be your LT Fare card or your mobile QR code available on the mobile app. The LT Fare card is tapped at the on-board validator. The mobile QR code is scanned at the on-board validator.

Validators: Validators are devices installed on buses that allow you to pay for your ride by tapping or scanning your payment method.

1. LT Fare card

If you prefer to use a physical fare card, you can get a reloadable LT Fare card at our current locations and purchase a pass or load funds. Then simply tap your card at an on-board validator when you board your bus.

2. Mobile App

If you are a smart phone user, you can download the LT Fare app at the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Once downloaded, you can create an account, load funds, or purchase a pass. To use your funds or pass, simply scan the app's Mobile QR Code Media at an on-board validator when you board your bus. Accounts can also be created and managed on the web portal 

3. Debit card/credit card/mobile wallet

Just tap your smart phone, debit card or credit card at the onboard validator when boarding the bus. Your bank card will be charged for the single ride fare. Each tap of the card will be charged for one regular fare, allowing one person to pay for multiple customers.

Don't forget to ask the bus operator for a paper transfer if you need to transfer to another bus.

Please note that your card or mobile phone needs to have tap-enabled functionality.

4. Cash

Just place the exact amount ($3.00) into the coin box. Ask the driver for a transfer if you require one.

No, the breeze cards will not work after October 1, 2023.

If after October 1, 2023, you still have a balance (rides and/or pass) on your Breeze Card, please visit City Hall or the Park 'n' Ride to transfer your balance to new media.

The easiest way is to visit the web portal Once there, create an account and purchase a bus pass or add funds as a stored value.

Purchases can also be made at the current vendor locations.

  • Stored value: Store value is any funds loaded on the LT Fare Card or the Mobile app. When the media is tapped or scanned at the on-board validator, the single ride fare is deducted from the available balance. Unlike activated passes, stored value funds may be transferred to other media registered or linked to a person’s account. Stored value loaded onto a media can also be used to pay for a pass.


  • Pass: A pass is a specific product (1 ride pass, day pass, 10 ride pass, monthly pass, etc.) loaded to LT Fare Card or the Mobile app that allows a customer to ride by tapping or scanning the media at an on-board validator.

LT Fare cards are initially unregistered by default, which means that they are anonymous and not linked to any personal account. However, registering your card provides you with additional benefits. One significant advantage is balance protection, which means that if your card is lost or stolen City Hall Cashiers or Lethbridge Transit Reception can freeze it and transfer your balance to a new one.

Additionally, registering your card gives you the ability to reload it online. That said, registering your card is entirely optional, and if you prefer not to do so, that is perfectly okay.

The City of Lethbridge is no longer able to register your LT Fare card on your behalf.

To register your media, go to or download the LT Fare app on Android or iOS, and follow the instructions.

To prevent fare evasion, the pass is only available on the media on which it was activated.

When you purchase a pass on the app or web portal, it remains inactive until it's activated. There are two media types where the pass can be activated, the mobile app and the LT Fare card.

When using the app or web portal, you'll need to select the media on which you'd like to activate the pass. Once activated, the pass can only be used on that specific media. This ensures that each pass is used by the rightful owner and prevents unauthorized use or sharing of passes. If the pass is not activated, it will be activated upon the first tap at the on-board validator.


The LT Fare Card is personal and the system will not allow a fare card to pay for more than one person. Each passenger must have their own card with stored value or a pass. However, here are some ways you can pay for companions:

  • Have an active pass per companion on the mobile app and scan a pass per person riding with you. See app guide for detailed instructions.
  • Tap your debit card, credit card or mobile payment multiple times to pay for multiple people
  • Use cash

If you pay with a bank card or cash remember to ask the driver for paper transfers for each person.

Please note that children who are age 5 and under ride for free.

Yes, the LT Fare system allows a rider to link their LT Fare Card or Mobile app to another rider’s account. This will allow for simple reloading of funds or assignment of a pass. Accounts can be linked by using the mobile app, web portal or by visiting a Customer Service Center. See the app guide or web portal guide for detailed instructions.

Priority will always be given to a pass. Stored value will be utilized only if a pass is not available on a LT Fare media.

You can activate the pass that you want to use first. If you tap an LT Fare card that does not currently have an active pass, the longest period pass assigned to the media will automatically be activated in order of purchase. Once a pass is active, it will always be used first. Only one pass may be active on a LT Fare card at one time.

LT Fare card activation and replacement

LT Fare cards can be activated or replaced at any of the below locations. 

Access-A-Ride LT Fare card activation or replacement can only be processed at City Hall or the Park 'n' Ride. 

  • ​City Hall Cashiers: (note: cash or debit only)​ 921 - 4 Ave S
  • Draffins Pharmasave: 319 - 5 St S
  • ​Park 'n' Ride: ​705 - 5 Ave S

  • ​​Nord-Bridge Seniors Centre: ​1904 - 13 Ave N
  • ​Stafford Pharmacy: ​1475 St Edward Blvd N


  • Lethbridge College Students' Association: ​3000 College Dr S
  • ​Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organization: ​500 - 11 St S
  • ​Lethbridge Vehicle Licensing & Registry: ​2045 Mayor Magrath Dr S


  • ​Prescription Centre West: ​30 Jerry Potts Blvd W
    • (note: cash or debit only)
  • ​Shoppers Drug Mart: ​110 Columbia Blvd W
  • ​Shoppers Drug Mart: 380 University Dr W​
  • ​University of Lethbridge Student Union: ​4401 University Dr W



​cityLINK Ride-on-Demand (ROD) provides service to zones where Transit lines are not available. ROD provides customers with access within each zone and connects customers to Neighbourhood and High Frequency Lines offering more opportunities.

ROD trips will be required to pay fares as of October 2, 2023. ROD was originally free during the pilot project period which ended in early 2022 with the implementation of citylink. The new fare collection system being installed allows for Transit to now collect fare on the ROD buses.

Booking a Ride

  • Use the Rides on Demand App which is available on the Apple or Android App Stores
  • Call 311

We will drop you off within the same Demand Response zone or at an associated transfer hub. Watch for the vehicle to pull up and be ready! Because we have other passengers waiting, we will only wait for 2 minutes.

You should book your trip when you are ready to leave – the bus will arrive within 20 minutes of booking.


  • You can take Demand Response from any point in an active demand zone or a designated cityHUB
  • You take to Demand Response to any point within the zone you are being picked up in or to the designated cityHUB to transfer to other services.

Contact Us

City Hall
910 4 Avenue South
Lethbridge, AB T1J 0P6

Phone: 311
or 403-320-3111 (if outside of Lethbridge)


Transit Hours

Monday - Friday 5:45 a.m. to 12 a.m.
Saturday 7 a.m. to 12 a.m.
Sunday & Holidays 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

*Not all routes operate on evenings and weekends.


Holidays with Transit service:
New Year's Day - Family Day - Good Friday - Easter Sunday - Victoria Day - Canada Day - Heritage Day - Labour Day - National Day for Truth and Reconciliation - Thanksgiving Day - Remembrance Day - Boxing Day

Holidays with no Transit service:
Christmas Day


Lethbridge Transit Apps

Rides on Demand

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