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Pathways and Sidewalks

City Sidewalks and Pathways

The City of Lethbridge clears over 215 kilometers of sidewalks and pathways within the city. These sidewalks and pathways are cleared on a priority system.

Click here for a map of ALL sidewalks and pathways that the City clears along with their priority rating.

City-owned buildings such as:

  • The Lethbridge Public Library (downtown and Crossings branches)
  • The Galt Museum
  • Lethbridge Transit terminals (downtown and north Lethbridge)
  • Lethbridge Police Service headquarters
  • City Hall
  • Downtown Fire/EMS headquarters.

Click here for a Priority 1 Map

  • City sidewalks surrounding school grounds
  • Regional trails such as those along Scenic Drive 
  • Regional parks such as Henderson Park, Nicholas Sheran Park and Legacy Park

Click here for a Priority 2 Map

  • Community core park trails** 
  • Sidewalks and pathways that surround parks and connect to community sidewalks are also completed at this time.
  • Pathways within smaller parks are not cleared due to the massive extent of our park and pathway system and current resources available.

Click here for a Priority 3 Map of sidewalks and pathways

**Community Core Parks are large, high use parks designed to meet the needs of a larger community area. i.e. Chinook Lake Park, Fairmont Lake Park, and West Highlands Park.

Neighbourhood sidewalks that don't front residential or commercial properties.

Click here for a Priority 4 Map of walkways

You are responsible for clearing city sidewalks that border your property.

*A snow event includes a new snowfall or drifting snow. With each new event, snow clearing restarts with Priority 1 areas.

Residential and Business Sidewalks

Residents and business owners are responsible for sidewalk snow removal adjacent to their property. We ask that you clear any snow, ice or other debris that has fallen on the sidewalk next to your property within 24 hours of snowfall. This ensures that Lethbridge pedestrians and motorists may safely travel around the city during ice and snowy winter conditions.

Sidewalk snow clearing: helpful tips
  • Shovel sidewalk and driveway snow onto yards and boulevard areas where possible, instead of onto alleys and roads.
  • Stay clear of snow removal equipment as winter conditions bring poor visibility.
  • Have a neighbour who could use a hand? Be a snow angel and help shovel their sidewalks too!

If you do not keep your sidewalk clear of snow and ice, you may receive a notice requiring your sidewalk to be clear. Failure to comply results in:

  • A first offence penalty of $50
  • A second offence penalty of $100
  • A third offence penalty of $150

Report a sidewalk snow clearing concern.

Need sand for your icy sidewalk? 

We have two locations where you can pick up free sand for icy sidewalks. Please bring your own bucket and shovel to help load your sand. You can collect free sand at:

North Lethbridge Recycling Station

West Lethbridge Recycling Station

Snow removal activities in Lethbridge are governed by our Snow Removal Bylaw

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