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Downtown Parking System

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Visit the Way to Park website for detailed directions on how to use the app.

Prepaid Parking Cards

These prepaid and reloadable cards can be used at any downtown parking kiosk and with the Way to Park mobile app.

To add the Parking card to your Way to Park app, proceed to the:

1. My info tab

2. Payment option

3. Add new option

4. Credit card option 

5. Fill out card holder name

6. Where it says Card Number - Enter twelve digits on front of card 

7. Where it says Security Code - enter your 3 digit app code loated on the front of the card

8. To finish select Create Car

If you are experiencing any difficulties with the App please proceed to the about option and use the send feedback tab to recieve assistance.

Where can you get one?

Purchase on the main floor of City Hall at the Cashiers. 

How Do I Use the Machines?

After parking in one of the over 1900 downtown parking stalls, drivers will walk to any kiosk and follow the instructions for payment. There is also the convenient option of paying for and monitoring parking time through a smartphone app. 

Need a little more help?

Click here for a video tutorial.


Still need some help?

Call 311 or (403) 315-3154.

Parking Zones 

Download Map


Need more information? 

See our frequently asked questions below or call 311 (if outside of Lethbridge call 403-320-3111) 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Accordion Answer

​This system uses on-street parking payment kiosks or the Way to Park Mobile app to verify payment associated to your plate number. 

Enforcement officers use plate recognition software to identify parking violations in the downtown. 


Follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the zone you are parked in (there will be signs on the street).
  2. Enter your plate number.
  3. Choose how long you would like to park for. 
  4. Pay using coin, credit card or a prepaid parking card.
  5. Hit confirm to complete your transaction.
You don't need to return to your car with a receipt and you can pay for your parking at any kiosk, not just the one closest to your vehicle. 

​The name of the downtown parking app is Way to Park. With this app you can open an account, put a credit card or prepaid parking card on file and enter your license plate numbers. Each time you wish to park using the app, simply start your parking session using the app and end it the same way. 

By following the easy directions within the app, you can pay for and monitor your parking time.

Download Way to Park for free: 

iSO (App Store) 


The app developer does charge a $.10 convenience fee for transactions made using the app. 


​For those who don't own a credit card or don't want to use a credit card to pay for parking, the prepaid parking card can be used as an alternative to carrying cash.

These prepaid and reloadable cards can be used at any downtown parking kiosk and with the Way to Park mobile app. Parking cards can be purchased at City Hall and loaded with any dollar amount. When that money is used up, the card owner can return to City Hall to reload it. There is a one-time purchase fee of $5 for a parking card but no additional fees to reload the card.

Parking card users have access to an online portal to view their card balance and previous transactions.


At the parking kiosks you can pay with coins, prepaid parking cards, Visa or MasterCard.

If you are using the Way to Park mobile app you can pay with a prepaid parking card, Visa or MasterCard.


​In order see the available parking, you will need to zoom in as close as you can on the map. Once you've done this, place the little black arrow over the street you are parked on and the zone number will appear. When you see this, you can proceed to pay. 


​The kiosks go into sleep mode to conserve energy. Just press any button to wake up the machine and start your transaction. 


​Each street/area has signs stating the zone number. Be sure to look for this sign before heading to the kiosk. If you pay at the kiosk closest to where you parked, the opening screen will say what zone you are in. 

​There are three zones in the downtown each with a different maximum parking time allowed. These zones help ensure there is parking turnover in areas that have high visitor and customer traffic.

  • Zone 002 maximum of 2hr parking 
  • Zone 003 maximum of 3hr parking 
  • Zone 010 maximum of 10 hr parking 

Zone Map


​A maximum time limit is established in each zone to facilitate turnover. You can make up to two maximum purchase in each zone/day but you cannot make your second purchase until after your first has expired. After your two max purchases have been reached, you must move your vehicle to a new zone.

  • Add additional parking time up to the maximum time allowable in your zone.
  • Have emails/texts sent to you letting you know your parking time is about to expire.
  • Register multiple license plates to an account if you have more than one vehicle.
  • Get emailed receipts.
  • If you have your location turned on your phone it tells you what zone you are in.
  • Pay for monthly parking (30 calendar days starting with the date of purchase).


​For parking in Zone 2 (2hr max) or Zone 3 (3hr max) the rate is $1.00 per hour. If you are paying by coin, the minimum is $0.05 for 3 minutes.

For parking in Zone 10 the rate is $0.45 per hour with a minimum 4 hour purchase. In this case, you would need a minimum $1.80. 


​No, you do not need to put the receipt on your dash. License plate numbers are used to determine who's paid. Please ensure to input your license plate number correctly.


​Yes. This can be done at the parking kiosk or with the mobile app. 

At the kiosk: 

  1. Select Zone 10
  2. Select monthly parking
  3. Enter your plate number 
  4. Pay using your credit card
On the app: 
  1. In the search bar, type 010 (for the 10 hr zone) 
  2. This will bring up the monthly option
  3. Proceed to pay following the prompts

​Yes, evenings and weekends are free and the kiosks will not accept payments during those hours. No more accidently plugging the meter when you didn't have to. 


Historically, we have not experienced more demand than supply of 10 hour spots. However, the spot closest to your destination may not always be available. We do monitor this on a regular basis and with 600 10 hour spots currently in the downtown, we only have 250 spots purchase through the monthly parking plan. Our new system will give us good data that we can use to monitor the usage of 10 hour parking.


The accessible stalls will continue to have individual parking meters at each location as they do today. The meters will continue to be the same one in use now (limited capabilities) however, if a person wished to use the new system to pay for parking they could do that instead of plugging the meter. It is up to the customer. The enforcement agent will check both before issuing any tickets.


​Yes, because of processing fees there is a minimum purchase of $1.80 if using your credit card. This may mean you have to add more than the minimum time in some zones so that the total is over the $1.80 charge. This is to cover the service charges incurred in offering the credit card option. 


​At the kiosk you can purchase as little as 15 min of parking with your prepaid parking card. When using the mobile app, you must purchase a minimum of $1.80 worth of parking. 


Sorry, the machines are not set up to accept debit cards at this time.


​License plate numbers identify who has paid and who has not.


​If it is the same Zone and you have time remaining you can simply move your vehicle. If it is in another Zone you will need to pay for the time you need in that Zone. 


​No, you can only park in the Zone you have paid for.


​They will be removed and handled in accordance with City policies. This could include a combination of recycling and selling of old meters. Don't worry, we'll save one for the Galt Museum and Archives as a little piece of our city's history. 


​There will be 2 to 3 kiosks on angle parking blocks and at least 1 on parallel parking blocks. There are a total of 170 kiosks in the downtown core. They are bright yellow, you can't miss them. 


​The revenue from parking supports parking operations. Any additional funds go into the parking reserve that can help fund other parking initiatives.


The new parking technology is standardizing the paid parking in the entire downtown. This makes is fair and equitable for all businesses. 


Yes. There is no fee for Library customers to park in the Library parking lot.


​There are many options with the new system for employers to pay for staff parking. It can be purchased at the kiosk which includes hourly and monthly options. It can also be purchased through the Way to Park app. This option allows you to register multiple vehicles and even use different credit cards to pay for daily parking. 


​This is to encourage the intended use of these spaces - long-term parking in the downtown. The goal of having different zones is to help accommodate the many different needs in the downtown core from daily, employee parking to quicker customer parking. For those planning to only stay in the downtown for a short amount of time, the two and three hour zones, with no minimum requirements are recommended.