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  2. Post Secondary Fares
  3. Youth Fares
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  5. Breeze Card Expiration & Replacement
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Lethbridge Transit Bus Fares
​Breeze Card Fee (new & replacement)​$5.00
​5 Years & Under (accompanied by fare paying passenger) ​​
​Blind Patrons (with CNIB card)​​FREE​
​​Cash Fare (exact fare required)​$3.00​
​​10 Rides$22.50​​
​​Monthly Pass​$77.00​​
​​Day Pass$7.50​​
​Semester Pass*​$289.00​​

* Semester Pass can only be purchased at the University, College, City Hall & Transit Office locations.

​Cash Fare (exact fare required)$3.00​
​​10 Rides​$21.00​​
​​Monthly Pass​$62.00​
​​Day Pass$7.50​​
Cash Fare (exact fare required)$3.00​
10 Rides$21.00​
Day Pass$7.50​
Monthly Pass​$28.00​
Yearly Pass$280.00​

**Subject to change without notice.  All tickets and passes are non-refundable.

Adult, Senior & Access-A-Ride Breeze cards expire five years after date of issue.  Post-Secondary & Youth Breeze cards expire each year.  Expired Breeze cards can only be renewed at City Hall or Lethbridge Transit Office.  Renewal is free, valid ID and/or student ID is required.  Access-A-Ride replacement Breeze cards can only be purchased at the Lethbridge Transit main office.

​Downtown Core

​City Hall Cashiers​921 - 4 Ave S
​Club Cigar Store​​301 - 5 St S
​Draffins Pharmasave
​319 - 5 St S

​North Side

​​Stafford Pharmacy​1475  St Edward Blvd N
​​Lethbridge Transit​619 - 4 Ave N
​​Nord-Bridge Seniors Centre​1904 - 13 Ave N

​South Side  

​Stubbs Pharmacy ​1509 - 9 Ave S
​​Lethbridge Vehicle Licensing & Registry​​College Centre - Mayor Magrath
​​Lethbridge College Student Services​​Lethbridge College
​Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organization​​500 - 11 St S​

West Side

​​University of Lethbridge Student Union​Student Union Service Centre
​​Prescription Centre West ​​30  Jerry Potts Blvd W
​​Shoppers Drug Mart​​110 Columbia Blvd W
​Shoppers Drug Mart ​380 University Dr. W​