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Other Taxes

Supplementary Tax

When a new building or an addition to an existing structure is completed within the calendar year, a supplementary tax bill will be issued by the year's end. This bill will reflect the number of months the building was completed or occupied during the year. Learn more about Supplementary Tax

Local Improvement Tax 

Your tax bill may include additional charges for previously approved local improvements. Local improvements comprise new, or replacement construction projects designed to enhance specific areas within communities throughout the City. Examples of such improvements include back ally lane paving. Learn more about local improvements.

Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP) tax

Similar to a Local Improvement, your tax bill may include additional charges for previously approved clean energy improvements that were financed by the City. CEIP is administered by Alberta Municipalities in partnership with the City of Lethbridge, by providing financing through the City of Lethbridge with repayments collected through property taxes. Learn more about the Clean Energy Improvement Program.

Business Improvement Area (BIA) Tax

Mandated and regulated by the Provincial legislation, the City is responsible for administering and collecting of Business Improvement Area taxes from all businesses operating within a specified area where a Business Improvement Area Bylaw has been established. This levy is for contributing to enhancements for the area in which a BIA has been imposed. 

All businesses operating within the Downtown Lethbridge Business Revitalization Zone (BRZ), are assessed and taxed the BIA levy.  

Designated Manufactured Home (DMH) Tax 

Designated manufactured homes are assessed and taxed in alignment with other residential structures. Property tax for these homes is calculated based on the assessed value of the buildings and improvements only. The land is assessed separately, and notices are mailed to the owner of the designated manufactured home community. The responsibility for paying annual property taxes lies with the owner on record at the time of billing, as indicated on the tax notice.

To update your mailing address or declare ownership of a recently purchased manufactured home, utilize these forms:

Exempt to Taxable Change

If a property that was previously exempt becomes liable to taxation during the tax year, such as land purchased from the City, an Amended Assessment and Taxation Notice will be issued by the end of the year. This notice will accurately reflect the number of months that the property was taxable.

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