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Property Information WebMAP

Visit the Property Information WebMAP for access to the City of Lethbridge's property data, including legal descriptions, civic addresses, tax roll numbers, and up-to-date assessment and taxation information.

Locating a specific parcel is effortless - simply click on the map or utilize the search function by entering the address, roll number, or legal description.

Important Note on Tax Amounts

The tax amounts shown reflect annual Property Taxes only and do not include local improvements or other charges to the tax account.

To view your personal tax account details and balance, login to MyCity using your MyCity profile. If you do not have a MyCity profile, refer to the sections "Registering a Profile"  and "Registering Your Tax Account" in the MyCity Registration Guide.

Note: Please be aware that the tax information provided serves only for comparative purposes and does not reflect the current balance of the tax account.

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