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My Taxes & Assessment

​​​Your property taxes go to support services such as police, fire and ambulance,
Reminder: Property taxes are due the last business day of June.
parks, streets and roads, corporate services, and many other programs necessary to maintain the high level of municipal services enjoyed by the citizens of the City of Lethbridge.  Take a look at our video to learn more!

You can also download our brochure for more information.

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  • Alberta Municipal Affairs publications relating to Property Tax and Assessment can be accessed here 
  • Financial documents for the City of Lethbridge, including budgets and annual reports, can be viewed here.


This is a secure online service that allows home owners and businesses to access information about their City of Lethbridge accounts, including their tax account!

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Your Property Assessment

Learn how your property is assessed and why it changes every year.



Your Property Taxes

Find out what your property taxes are and what the relationship is between assessment and taxes.


Property Information WebMAP

Review your property assessment and compare similar properties through this interactive tool.


Tax Calculator

Estimate your taxes for a residential, multi-family, or non-residential property.

How to Pay Property Taxes

Find out how to pay your taxes, including the Tax Instalment Pre-payment Plan (TIPP), in-person, mail, online banking or credit card. 


Tax Instalment Pre-payment Plan (TIPP)

Sign up for TIPP and pay your property taxes over a specified number of months instead of making one payment in June.

Forms, Documents and Other Information



Buying a home           
Selling your home

Assessment Review Board

Seniors Property Tax 
Deferral Program

For more information:

City Hall, First Floor, 910 4th Ave S

P: 403 320 3950

F:  403 320 4956

E: or

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