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Fees and Forms


Cemetery Information

The City of Lethbridge operates four cemeteries for residents to remember their loved ones of all cultures, religions and traditions. Each cemetery offers a distinct experience to honor the pioneers, entrepreneurs, and founders of the City while also offering a uniquely beautiful place in which to partake in activities such as walking, cycling, nature observation and historical research.

We encourage all residents of Lethbridge, the surrounding areas and friends & family of those recently deceased to contact the Cemetery Administration office for the coordination of interment services, the sale of burial rights (plots and niches) and to perform record searches.

Fees and Forms

Application for Change of Burial Rights

Contract for Cemetery Services

Monument Permit

For any questions, please reach out to Cemetery Administration. They  can be reached by calling (403) 320-3008 or emailing


Green Burial Plot


Single depth plot without continuous foundation


Single depth plot with continuous foundation


Single cremation plot

$ 875.00

Double cremation plot


Child plot (6 Years & Under in Toddler and Infant designated zone)


Field of Honor –Veterans

Single Depth Casket

Double Depth Casket

Cremation Plot







Small (12”x12”x12”)

Upper Levels

Lower 2 Levels




Large (12”x12”x16” or 12”x13”x16”)

Upper Levels

Lower 2 Levels




Memorial Wall

2”x10” bronze

4”x 8” or 4”x12” granite




MONUMENT PERMIT FEE (GST exempt) paid at time of plot purchase or installation of monument


INTERMENT SERVICES Per Interment (includes permanent record):

6 foot depth


9 foot depth


In Ground Cremation – per cremation

Multiple Service – same time/same location/each additional cremains



Niche 1st Service (C3 - C13 and C15 - C17)

Subsequent Service (C3 - C13 and C15 - C17)

Multiple Service – same time/same location/each additional cremains




Ossuary/Per Cremains


Scatter Garden Scattering


Greens & Lowering DeviceAdult Casket Interments Only


Permanent Outer Liner/Vault/Box – Storage/Handling/Installation






Exchange/Transfer of Rights to Interment Space


Late Funeral – leaving graveside 3:30 p.m. or later/per hour charge (one hour minimum)


Sunday/Holiday Surcharge – for religious or public health reasons only

Casket Interment

Cremation Interment

Niche Interment






We offer a variety of burial interment options. These include traditional burials and the interment of cremated remains. We also provide a variety of memorial options, such as plaques, trees and benches.

The coordination of interment services, sale of burial rights (plots and niches), performing record searches and providing interment location maps for all City cemeteries is done through the Cemetery Administration office.
The administration office for all of the cemeteries is located in the heart of Mountain View Cemetery, 1210 Scenic Drive South and is open weekdays 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with the exception of the noon hour (12 to 1 p.m.). Drive through the main gates to the centre of the cemetery. Ample customer parking is provided next to the office.
  • Interments may be booked Monday to Saturday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. with the exception of Statutory Holidays.
  • One full business days notice is required for interments in Mountain View, Royal View Memorial & St. Patrick's Cemeteries. Two full business days notice for interments in Archmount Cemetery.

Casket interment plots are larger than cremation plots and arrangements to bury a casket are scheduled by a funeral home.

  • Single Depth - 6 Foot is available at all cemeteries
  • Double Depth - 1st at 9 Foot / 2nd at 6 Foot - Mountain View Cemetery

We offer several choices for the final resting place of your loved one once they have been cremated:

  • Memorial Wall Space, available at Mountain View, Royal View Memorial and St. Patrick’s Cemeteries
  • Scatter Garden, available at Mountain View Cemetery and Royal View Memorial
  • Ossuary, available at Mountain View Cemetery
  • Columbarium Niche, available at Archmount, Royal View Memorial and Mountain View Cemeteries.
  • Cremations may also be interred in a single or double depth casket plot  above a  casket interment, (Up to 8 in Mountain View, Archmount and St. Patrick's Cemeteries and up to  4 in Royal View Memorial Cemetery, families will need to consider allowing space for additional names on the headstone before purchasing one.

Veterans, RCMP Veterans and their spouses are allowed to be interred in a special section within our cemetery at a reduced plot cost.

The veteran’s name and service number must be provided. There is a specific form to be completed at the time of the request; this is most often done by the funeral director.

The ashes (or a casket in the new Block 30 Double Depth only lot) of a spouse of a veteran may be interred with the veteran, provided that the veteran is interred first.

What are green burials?

A green burial minimizes the impact on our environment. By returning a body to the earth, it can decompose naturally and contribute to the growth of new life. For many, this concept combines the spiritual integrity of the past, with the environmental ideas of the present. Lethbridge is proud to offer Grasslands Green Burial Grounds within the Royal View Memorial Cemetery.

The Principles of a Green Burial

  • No embalming: Green burials are completed without the use of embalming fluid, allowing nature to take over. Decomposition is thought to be nature’s way of recycling a body. We take energy throughout our lives; when we die a green burial allows us to give energy back to the earth. Using natural products, the human remains can still be properly prepared and dressed for a dignified viewing.
  • Direct to Earth Burial: The remains are wrapped in a natural and biodegradable cloth and placed directly in the ground. You may also use a container or casket made of sustainable and fully biodegradable materials.
  • Ecological Restoration and Conservation: The City of Lethbridge’s Grasslands Green Burial Garden is specifically developed to use the natural landscape of the prairies. This means indigenous prairie grasses are used to seed the grave-site. It is also encouraged that visitors remain on the designated walking paths to leave the grounds protected and undisturbed.
  • Communal Memorialization: The philosophy of the Green Burial is that the entire Grasslands is a living memorial to the individuals buried there. Because of this, individual headstones are not allowed. Instead, a memorial may be placed on the adjacent Memorial Wall, where a simple inscription can be made for an additional fee.
  • Optimize Land Use: Grasslands Green Burial Grounds is designed and developed to optimize the space designated for green burial. Minimal infrastructure, installation and ground disturbance took place to create Grasslands. This allows the space to remain as natural as possible.

Special sections are provided for the interment of infants and children up to six years of age.  

There is also a memorial bench located in Block 26 at Mountain View Cemetery where names and dates may be added.

Cemetery Information

Archmount Cemetery

2650 Westside Drive

  • There are no locked gates at Archmount Cemetery.
Mountain View Cemetery

1210 Scenic Drive South

  • Fall & Winter Hours: October 1 to March 31
    Gates are open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Walk-In Gates are not locked.
  • Spring & Summer Hours: April 1 to September 30
    Gates are open 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Walk-In Gates are not locked. 
Royal View Memorial Cemetery

5920 13 Street North

  • Fall & Winter Hours: October 1 to March 31
    Gates are open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Walk-In Gates are not locked.
  • Spring & Summer Hours: April 1 to September 30
    Gates are open 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Walk-In Gates are not locked. 
St. Patrick's Cemetery

525 6 Avenue North

  • Gates are open on Wednesdays and Weekends or by Appointment - See seasons below for times
    • Fall & Winter Hours: October 1 to March 31
      Gates are open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
    • Spring & Summer Hours: April 1 to September 30
      Gates are open 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.  


Security - After Hours & Weekends

Paladin Security: 403-380-1007
Paladin Security performs regular Cemetery patrols, opening and closing functions and response when Cemetery Office is closed on weekends and statutory holidays.

Click Here for the Archmount Cemetery Block Map

  • Two full business days notice are needed to schedule interments in this cemetery.

Archmount Memorial Gardens was originally a privately owned cemetery developed in West Lethbridge in the early 1950s.

The City of Lethbridge became responsible for the operation and administration of Archmount Memorial Gardens Cemetery on Feb 2, 1982.

Need a map? Call 403 320 3008 or email with the name of the person whose grave you are wishing to find. We will be happy to send you one with directions to the grave you want to visit.

Click Here for a Map of Mountain View Cemetery Blocks

The main entrance is straight ahead through the gates west of the Immortal Flame.

This cemetery originated as a direct request for interment space on the south side of the city as the old Pioneer Cemetery (St. Patrick's) was not meeting the needs of the citizens of the time.

  • 1901 the Anglican Church started a private cemetery originating with Plan One - Block One located in the centre of today's Mountain View, purchased by the City in 1942.
  • 1905, an undertaker named B. C. Moore started a second private cemetery just east of  the original Anglican Church block, subsequently turned over to the City in 1909.
  • 1909, the death of Lou Louenthal prompted the Hebrew Community in Lethbridge to start their own cemetery so they purchased 1.2 acres west of Moore's Cemetery, this cemetery is also now a part of Mountain View Cemetery as well; and is maintained by the City under a special arrangement.

Need a map? Call 403 320 3008 or email with the name of the person whose grave you are wishing to find. We will be happy to send you one with directions to the grave you want to visit.

Click Here for a Block Map of Royal View Memorial Cemetery

Royal View Cemetery - Lilac Section

Royal View Memorial Cemetery opened in August of 2013, the first interment occurred in September of 2013.

  • Green Burial grounds, Grasslands opened in late 2019
  • The cemetery entrance is just north of the Pavan Park road
  • Cemetery named Royal View Memorial Cemetery October 4, 2011.
  • Royal View Memorial Cemetery Official Ground Breaking May 8, 2012
  • 400 trees and 525 shrubs have been planted and more trees will be added each year

The History Behind the Name

  • March 4, 2010 a group of staff members at the Galt Museum suggested the name Royal View based on the cemeteries proximity (just two kilometres north of the site) to an old mining town; to give you an idea of the actual location of the town there was a suspension bridge across the river from Diamond City to Royal View back in the day
  • According to the Galt Museum historical data; the town of Royal View started somewhere around 1908 and lasted until the 1920s (in particular the school)
  • In 1910 the town had a population of about 400 but was pretty much completely gone a decade later.
  • Royal View (the town) was also known as Royal City and as Coal City
  • It shared its name with the Royal View Mine that was also located in that area
  • The mine operated from 1923 to 1942
  • The Royal Collieries Ltd. operated from 1907 to 1912
  • The Royal Lethbridge Collieries Ltd. operated from 1925 to 1928 and the New Royal View Mine from 1944 to 1946
  • Read more about the Royal View Mine

Need a map? Call 403 320 3008 or email with the name of the person whose grave you are wishing to find. We will be happy to send you one with directions to the grave you want to visit.

Click Here for St. Patrick's Cemetery Block Map

St. Patrick's Cemetery built in December of 1886 is located on the north side of the City with access at 6th Avenue and Stafford Drive adjacent to Dave Elton Park.

This cemetery was referred to as the Miners' Cemetery and the Pioneer Cemetery in the early days and was divided into three sections: a Roman Catholic section on the west, a Protestant section on the east and a Chinese section on the south east.

The interment records for this cemetery were completely destroyed in a church fire in the early 1950's. Today the interment records we are able to access were provided courtesy of the Alberta Genealogical Society Lethbridge Branch based solely on headstones already in place before the fire so are incomplete in many cases as families could not always afford to place a monument.

The Alberta Genealogical Society Lethbridge Branch Click Here to Access Their Website continues their work with old church records and may be able to at least provide names of relatives buried in the cemetery that our records do not show even though there is no exact grave location.

Need a map? Call 403 320 3008 or email with the name of the person whose grave you are wishing to find. We will be happy to send you one with directions to the grave you want to visit.

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