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Community Capital Projects Grant

Not-for-profit organizations in the City of Lethbridge can apply for a Community Capital Projects Grant for financial support in two separate streams. Stream A provides funding for professional assistance in planning and designing capital construction projects. Stream B provides funding to construct, renovate or retrofit your facilities Stream B funding can also be used to purchase equipment or upgrade facility technology.

Check out the Community Capital Projects Grant Application Package for a complete list of eligibility requirements, funding levels and grant requirements.


You must complete the online application form below to submit your grant request. Any application questions can be directed to

Applications for the Community Capital Projects Grant must be submitted by March 31st.

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Approval process

Due to limited funds and the volume of applications, it is possible that not all applicants that meet the eligibility criteria will receive grant funding. We will review all  applications and allocate funding based on evaluation criteria scoring for each application. We give priority consideration to applications for projects which change or increase the services of the organization (i.e., facility addition or facility retrofit).

We will notify you of our decision within six weeks after the application deadline. Approved applicants will receive a letter outlining the approved grant amount and obligations following verification of matching funds. Successful applicants will also be required to enter into a grant funding agreement with the City before funds are released.

Eligibility criteria

View the types of organizations, facilities and projects that are eligible for the Community Capital Projects Grant.

Eligible organizations include not-for-profit community organizations or public institutions that have been legally registered and in good standing under one of the following:

  • Societies Act of Alberta
  • Companies Act of Alberta, Part 9 (Companies with objectives other than the acquisition of gain)
  • Business Corporations Act of Alberta, Part 21
  • Special Act of the Parliament of Canada (i.e., service club)
  • Special Act of the Alberta Legislature

Ineligible organizations

Organizations that are not eligible to receive the Community Capital Projects Grant include:

  • Churches and religious organizations
  • Community, private, and family foundations
  • Hospitals, medical facilities, regional health authorities or provincial boards
  • Municipal, regional, provincial or federal government and affiliated bodies
  • Schools or school boards and post-secondary institutions

Facilities, both outdoor and indoor, that are eligible to receive the Community Capital Projects Grant include those related to:

  • Arts and culture
  • Family and community services
  • Sports and recreation

Facilities must be located within City boundaries. Facilities must be under the organization’s jurisdiction or have written approval from the owner and be accessible to the general public through land ownership, long-term lease (minimum of five years) or another type of occupation.

Projects that are eligible for the Community Capital Projects Grant include:

Stream A: Planning Assistance

  • Professional assistance in planning and designing capital construction projects, such as consultant fees for environmental site analysis, geotechnical reports, preliminary design, preliminary financial feasibility, or other consultant fees as approved by the City for proposed or existing facilities, which are eligible projects under Stream B of the Community Capital Projects Grant.

Stream B: Capital Assistance

  • New facility construction- construction of a facility for provision of a new service or a facility to replace an existing facility
  • Facility expansion- expansion of an existing facility beyond the existing footprint
  • Retrofit existing facility space- redevelop existing space for a new use or purpose
  • Renovate existing facility space- remodel or restore condition of space
  • Facility technology upgrade- upgrade facility mechanical, security and other systems
  • Major equipment- replacement or addition of major equipment supporting program and maintenance programs and services which have a lifespan of five years or greater
  • Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) - movable furniture, fixtures or other equipment which have no permanent connection to the structure of a building (e.g.,- desks, chairs, computers, electronic equipment, etc.).

FF&E expenses are restricted to 10% of eligible project budget unless otherwise authorized in writing by the City.

Ineligible costs

Costs that are not eligible for the Community Capital Projects Grant include:

  • Artwork, signage and books
  • Audio visual equipment
  • Clothing
  • Debt retirement (Includes completed projects)
  • Entertainment and gaming systems
  • Individual or team equipment
  • Land or facility purchase
  • Office equipment and supplies
  • Tools and small equipment

Types of funding and eligibility

Approved projects are granted funding on a matching basis. Approved Stream A applications will be funded up to a total of 50% of the cost of consultant fees, with a maximum amount of Community Capital Projects Grant contribution for planning assistance set at $25,000 per project. Approved Stream B applications will be funded up to 33% of the capital costs, with the maximum amount of the Community Capital Projects Grant contribution for capital assistance set at $200,000 per project.

Applicants are not permitted to apply for both Stream A and Stream B funding during the same intake period, for the same project. Unspent grant funds or issued grant funds that are expended in an ineligible manner must be returned to the City of Lethbridge.

View our Community Capital Projects Grant Application Package to learn more about:

  • Funding obligations and responsibilities
  • Project accounting after receiving funding installments
  • The types of organizational expenses are eligible for funding.

Previously approved projects

View projects that were approved for the Community Capital Projects Grant from previous years:

Aboriginal Housing Society
This renovation project will support the repairs to the siding and exteriors of the Koh Koonoon property, the installation of a new staircase lift to improve accessibility to the property’s office, and installation of new hot water tanks to replace aging equipment.

Total Project Cost: $75,195.00
CCPG amount: $25,065.00


Society of the Centre Francophone of Lethbridge
This project includes various renovations and upgrades to the organization’s facilities, ensuring that the building is adequately designed to facilitate operations. Renovations include the creation of a community multi-function room, a kitchenette, two new offices, upgrades to the existing kitchen, reconfiguration of the reception area, and the replacement of flooring.

Total Project Cost: $217,318.00
CCPG amount: $30,000.00

Lethbridge Astronomy Society
Capital Equipment
This project is for the purchase of an inflatable, mobile planetarium which is 5 meters in diameter and offers a capacity of 25 adults, or up to 40 children. The planetarium is fully wheel-chair accessible and able to be set up in various locations. The mobile planetarium will be primarily used for public education and outreach opportunities.

Total Project Cost: $18,214.00
CCPG amount: $6,071.00


Lethbridge Family Services
Facility Technological Upgrade
In order to continue the provision of services offered by the organization, and in an effort to maintain the highest levels of cybersecurity and participant privacy, Lethbridge Family Services requires upgrades to the facility IT systems. The project includes the installation of various pieces of technological equipment to achieve this outcome.

Total Project Cost: $99,672.00
CCPG amount: $33,000.00

Lethbridge Soccer Association
Facility Expansion/Renovation
This project includes various upgrades to accommodate facility expansion. The funding will be utilized to replace two HVAC units at the facility, install new artificial turf, upgrade security cameras, construct a new storage garage, and install a new cover for the indoor field.

Total Project Cost: $514,478.76
CCPG amount: $171,492.92


Southern Alcare Society and Industries
The Southern Alcare Manor Facility is in need of repairs and upgrades to maintain operational viability. This project includes the upgrading of the main bathrooms and showers in the facility, replacement of the main boiler, cleaning of solar panels, and installation of solar panel skirting to prevent bird nesting.
Total Project Cost: $185,800.00
CCPG amount: $61,933.33

Ability Resource Association
Retrofit/Capital Equipment
This project is for the retrofit of underused/antiquated areas of the facility. It includes the relocation of meeting room space, creation of new storage space, creation of two new individual unisex washrooms and one new personal care washroom, renovation of old space into a large multi-use space and updated lighting throughout.

Total Project Cost: $403,730.00
CCPG amount: $107,625.00


Lethbridge Community Bingo Association
Renovation/Capital Equipment
The Lethbridge Community Bingo Association intends to complete resurfacing upgrades to their parking lot with support from the Community Capital Projects Grant. Further, the project includes the purchase of equipment, to meet the need for additional storage space and to replace the cover of their exterior tent used by volunteers and staff.

Total Project Cost: $48,813.34
CCPG amount: $16,108.56

Lethbridge Columbus Club
The Lethbridge Columbus Club has been approved for grant funding to support renovations to their building. The renovations include the replacement of a leaking roof and insulation to bring the building into working order.

Total Project Cost: $50,000.00
CCPG amount: $16,666.67


Green Acres Foundation
The Green Acres Foundation has received funding from the City in order to renovate and improve security features at the Garden View Lodge property. The improvements include the installation of fencing and lighting in the areas where security has been noted as a concern.

Total Project Cost: $77,472.00
CCPG amount: $20,824.00


Dr. Probe School Council Society
Renovation/Capital Equipment
The Dr. Probe School Society’s Playground Project seeks to install accessible playground equipment and rubber surfacing to provide barrier free access to the playground for all students. Currently, Dr. Probe School has no accessible playground equipment for student who require mobility supports.
Total Project Cost: $230,092.59
CCPG amount: $76,697.53


Chinook Sexual Assault Centre
Retrofit/Capital Equipment
The Chinook Sexual Assault Centre plans to retrofit facility space to meet requirements for the Chinook Child and Youth Advocacy Centre. The space will include a specialized forensic interview room, a remote testimony room, as well as family and intake rooms once the project is completed.
Total Project Cost: $70,708.66
CCPG amount: $14,654.05


Lethbridge Tennis Club
This project will involve the resurfacing of all six tennis courts at the Lethbridge Tennis Club. The tennis courts are finished with a Plexi-Pave court surface, which has reached the end of its useful life. The surface must be maintained with a resurfacing procedure every seven years.

Total Project Cost: $76,582.00
CCPG amount: $20,527.00


West Wind Gymnastics Club
Capital Equipment/Facility Expansion
Following significant membership growth in the last four years, the West Wind Gymnastics Club intends to expand the existing facility, thereby adding an additional 3,000 square feet of usable space. The project funding will be used to support the expansion by purchasing matting, safety equipment and seating to accommodate increased programming.

Total Project Cost: $126,956.37
CCPG amount: $42,318.79

Interfaith Food Bank
The creation of a community gathering space through an extension of the learning garden to the front of the building, and the creation of a community patio and front yard will expand the offerings of this organization. This will also create ease of access to the learning garden from the kitchen space. An Indigenous Healing Garden and edible plants will be included in this public space.

Total Project Cost: $207,570
CCPG amount: $60,165


Opokaa’sin Early Intervention Society
Capital Equipment
This project is for a new fence and security system to address security concerns created by additional traffic in the area. The children’s outdoor play area has been negatively impacted by the increase in foot traffic, and issues created by this, so this project will help to ensure the safety and well-being of the children and staff while on site. Staff access and monitoring to the play area will also be improved.

Total Project Cost: $39,711.08
CCPG amount: $13,000


Downtown BRZ
This renovation will include upgrades to the washroom, the addition of a kitchen space, electrical upgrades, and improvements to the office spaces for this organization.

Total Project Cost: $24,550
CCPG amount: $8,183.33


Blackfoot Family Lodge
Blackfoot Family Lodge operates a building that was formerly a church, as a Resident Activity Centre and plans in the future for a daycare. It also provides space to Sage Clan for use for their programs/storage. This project includes a new roof, as well as kitchen and bathroom equipment.

Total Project Cost: $150,000
CCPG amount: $45,000


Lethbridge Fish and Game Association
Technology Upgrades
This upgrade will include the installation of fibre optic, and upgrades to the gates and camera system. This will address safety concerns with poor cell phone coverage and issues with the gates and cameras created by the current internet availability. These upgrades are a requirement for competition and will support the day to day safety needs for all visitors and members to the facility.

Total Project Cost: $231,000
CCPG amount: $76,500


Lethbridge Family Services
The development of the space between the two wings of the LFS facility will create a space that meets many community needs. This will include a meditation garden, which will help with mental health needs, and not only be available to grief groups and counselling clients, but all staff and clients of LFS; a courtyard and activity centre to be utilized in collaboration with other service providers; wheelchair pathways and ramp upgrades to allow for full access for DaCapo clients; and equipment for the maintenance of this space.

Total Project Cost: $375,000
CCPG amount: $120,666.67


Lethbridge Oldtimers Sports Association
Changes to the south end of Henderson Arena will create a Community Space, available for use by the community and ice users before, during, and after bookings. This will include a board room, kitchen, office, and storage space. The project also includes upgrades such as LED lighting and HVAC upgrades for energy efficiency.

Total Project Cost: $800,000
CCPG amount: $200,000


Lethbridge Soccer Association
Renovations/Capital Equipment
This project includes replacing heater/HVAC systems, the creation of storage for gas powered equipment to address safety requirements, and upgrades to the security system.

Total Project Cost: $155,085
CCPG amount: $51,695


Lethbridge Softball Association
Capital Equipment
Much needed furnace and air conditioning upgrades, playground equipment replacement, and landscaping at Softball Valley are all addressed in this project. As well, savings will be realized through the purchase of a generator for use with lighting.

Total Project Cost: $90,165.45
CCPG amount: $30,000


Lethbridge Symphony Association
Capital Equipment
Upgraded lighting and the purchase of new projectors will improve the experience for those attending Symphony performances, and will also benefit all users of the space. These enhancements will come with a cost-savings for all groups renting the space as less handouts will need to be printed as the projectors will be able to share the same information with the audience.

Total Project Cost: $14,901
CCPG amount: $4,967


Lethbridge Youth Foundation
This retrofit will stop leaking into the building through a new roof, upgrades to the HVAC, and window replacement. These will not only address potential health concerns, but reduce operating costs as upgrades improve energy efficiency.

Total Project Cost: $253,462
CCPG amount: $82,500


Campus Roots Community Garden Association
Capital Equipment
Replacement of rotting wood, reinforcements for beds, and equipment to address irrigation needs, as well as concerns from weeds and wind, will support this popular garden used by the public since 2008.

Total Project Cost: $3,881.29
CCPG amount: $1,293


Henderson Stadium Society
Capital Equipment
Upgrades to Spitz Stadium include a new energy efficient video board, which will enhance spectator experience and reduce operating costs. As well, signage on the exterior of the renovated grandstand will complete the improvements made to this facility.

Total Project Cost: $154,410.33
CCPG amount: $51,470.11


Romulus and Remus Italian Canadian Club
During the pandemic shut down, significant renovations were done inside this facility. At this point the only thing left to do is replace the roof, which is no longer repairable due to its age. This project will see a new roof, which will see a reduction in operating costs through energy savings and no longer require the regular repairs that were being done to the current roof.

Total Project Cost: $83,231
CCPG amount: $27,743.66


The Lethbridge Little League Baseball Association
Renovations/Capital Equipment
This project will see upgrades to three sites in Lethbridge: Dave Elton diamond complex, Lakeview diamond complex, and Atso Towawa fields. These upgrades will address safety, improve the diamonds, and replace equipment that has reached the end of its life, such as replacing current mounds with portable mounds, and upgrading batting cages.

Total Project Cost: $141,000
CCPG amount: $47,000

Lethbridge & Region Community Housing Corporation
This renovation will include changes to the lobby to increase safety, as well as increasing the amount of accessible meeting space. All staff offices will be moved to one level, allowing the Canadian Mental Health Associations’ HomeBase program to use the lower level. Additional office spaces will be built and furnished.

Total Project Cost: $200,000
CCPG amount: $66,000


Lethbridge Minor Hockey Association
LMHA will make changes to Logan Boulet Arena to include a female dressing room/shower area, and create a shower area for the main dressing room. These improvements will allow better usage of the facility by teams as currently they are having to change upstairs and shower downstairs, meaning only one team can use two dressing rooms.

Total Project Cost: $300,000
CCPG amount: $100,000


Nord-Bridge Senior Citizens Association
Capital Equipment
Nord-bridge Seniors Centre is seeing an increase in demand for their fitness centre. Currently one-third of their membership utilize the fitness centre and community members are joining specifically to use that facility. This project will support the replacement of equipment that is nearing its lifecycle end and/or in need of costly parts replacements. As well, this project will allow for upgrades to the types of equipment that are more popular and desired by members at this time.

Total Project Cost: $68,741.50
CCPG amount: $22,684.70


Lethbridge Community Bingo Association
LCBA currently has thirty-five member organizations who benefit from the funds raised through their volunteer efforts. This project will continue the upgrades to the parking lot, and it includes a technology upgrade with the addition of display boards.

Total Project Cost: $70,922.25
CCPG amount: $23,404.35


Lethbridge Disc Golf Association
New Facility Construction
LDGA is working on a design for a new course, free for the community to use, that will be located in Peenaquim Park. The course at Nicholas Sheran Park has proven to be very popular so having an additional course in Lethbridge will allow more people to participate in this sport. This project includes the equipment and signage required for this 18-hole course.

Total Project Cost: $21,393.09
CCPG amount: $7,131.03


Elim Society for Senior Citizen’s Care
Capital Equipment
The Elim Society operates senior’s living facilities. At this time, one of the elevators has surpassed its serviceable life span as parts are no longer available. The elevator is necessary for the residents who live there. This project will also reduce operating costs as maintenance and power savings will be reduced with the new elevator.

Total Project Cost: $197,680
CCPG amount: $65,893.33


Southern Alberta Ethnic Association
Capital Equipment
The Lethbridge Multicultural Centre has become a popular rental location however it currently lacks the equipment required to meet the standards expected with a rental venue. This equipment will allow the SAEA to increase revenues and update the facility to meeting the needs of the community better.

Total Project Cost: $74,276.64
CCPG amount: $22,845.40


Lethbridge Minor Softball Club
New Facility Construction
This project includes a plan to investigate utilizing unused land at Softball Valley, that would be, if found appropriate, turned into a new diamond for LMS use. This project scope includes a backstop, dugouts, shale and sod. Beyond LMS, the University of Lethbridge Softball Program, recreational slow-pitch leagues, and multi-age softball will benefit from the use of this new diamond.

Total Project Cost: $220,000
CCPG amount: $70,000

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