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Community Capital Projects Grant

Not-for-profit organizations in the City of Lethbridge can apply for a Community Capital Projects Grant for financial support to:

  • Construct, renovate or retrofit their facilities
  • Purchase major equipment to improve operational efficiency or enhance programming


To apply for a Community Capital Projects Grant, please submit the following documents to before the application deadline of April 28, 2023 at 4 p.m.:

  • Community Capital Grant Application Form
  • Additional supporting documents (under Part F of the Application Form)
  • Approval motion for grant submission by your organization’s governing executive body
  • Letter of support and agreement from the registered owner and lease holder, where applicable

Please note that you can only apply for this grant every other year.

Approval process

Due to limited funds and the volume of applications, not all applicants that meet the eligibility criteria will receive grant funding. We will review applications and Council will allocate funding based on evaluation criteria scoring for each application. We give priority consideration to applications for projects which change or increase the services of the organization (i.e., facility addition or facility retrofit).

We will notify you of our decision within six weeks after the application deadline. Approved applicants will receive a letter outlining the approved grant amount and obligations following organization verification of matching funds.

Eligibility criteria

View the types of organizations, facilities and projects that are eligible for the Community Capital Projects Grant.

Eligible organizations include mot-for-profit community organizations or public institutions that have been legally registered and in good standing for at least a year under one of the following:

Ineligible organizations

Organizations that are not eligible to receive the Community Capital Project Grant include:

  • Churches and religious organizations
  • Community, private, and family foundations
  • Hospitals, medical facilities, regional health authorities or provincial boards
  • Municipal, regional, provincial or federal government and affiliated bodies
  • Schools or school boards and post-secondary institutions

Facilities, both outdoor and indoor, that are eligible to receive the Community Capital Project Grant include those related to:

  • Arts and culture
  • Family and community services
  • Sports and recreation

Facilities must be located within City boundaries. Facilities must be under the organization’s jurisdiction or have written approval from the owner and be accessible to the general public through land ownership, long-term lease (minimum of five years) or another type of occupation.

Projects that are eligible for the Community Capital Project Grant include:

  • Capital equipment – replacement or addition of major equipment
  • Facility expansion – expansion of an existing facility beyond the existing footprint
  • Facility technology upgrade – upgrade facility mechanical, security, and other systems essential to operation of facility
  • Major equipment – replacement or addition of major equipment supporting program and maintenance programs/services which have a lifespan of five years or greater
  • New facility construction – a facility for a new service or a facility to replace an existing facility
  • Planning Assistance – for professional assistance in planning and designing capital construction projects for proposed or existing facilities (50/50 matching)
  • Renovate existing facility space – remodel or restore condition of space
  • Retrofit existing facility space – redevelop existing space for a new use or purpose

15% of construction/renovation project costs may be used for furnishings.

Ineligible costs

Costs that are not eligible for the Community Capital Project Grant include:

  • Artwork, signage and books
  • Audio visual equipment
  • Clothing
  • Debt retirement (Includes completed projects)
  • Entertainment gaming systems
  • Furnishings (excluding appliances)
  • Individual or team equipment
  • Office equipment and supplies
  • Tools and small equipment

Types of funding and eligibility

Approved projects are granted funding on a matching basis, with one third of total project costs (up to a maximum of $200,000) coming from Community Capital Projects Grant and two thirds from other sources. For planning assistance, the Community Capital Project Grant can match half of total professional fees (up to a maximum of $15,000).

View our Community Capital Projects Grant Application Package to learn more about:

  • Funding obligations and responsibilities
  • Project accounting after receiving funding instalments
  • What types of organizational expenses are eligible for funding matching

Previously approved projects

View projects that were approved for the Community Capital Projects Grant from previous years:

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