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Community Wellbeing & Safety Strategy Advisory Committee

The Community Wellbeing and Safety Strategy (CWSS) Advisory Committee, defines priorities and leverages collective impact to undertake specific work pertinent to supporting the Community Wellbeing and Safety Strategy

The CWSS Advisory Committee will be composed of key community partners and sector leaders who can provide collective wisdom and diverse perspectives to leverage collective impact. 



To recruit new CWSS Advisory Members, an annual standing open-call recruitment will occur in alignment with term expirations of CWSS Advisory members with new members approved at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in November of each calendar year.


This recruitment will be targeted toward identified gaps in membership. At any point during the calendar year, the Membership Nomination Subcommittee may engage in a needs assessment to identify gaps in membership, sector, competency or qualifications. Should gaps emerge, condensed recruitment may occur.  


There are Specific Skills and Experience Criteria required for CWSS Advisory Membership


  • Meetings will be held monthly
  • Members should be able to meet the minimum time requirement of three hours per month (may vary should a member also participate on an Action Team)
  • Members must attend CWSS Advisory Committee voting membership meetings unless providing notice of regret to the Co-Chairs
  • Should a member have three consecutive unexcused absences, the member will receive notice that their position on the CWSS Advisory Committee will be terminated. Once notice has been sent, a community open call for applicants will commence to fill the vacancy.
  • Members to be appointed for two-year terms, up to a maximum of six years (three consecutive terms).
  • Members must demonstrate commitment to the work and Guiding Principles of the CWSS Advisory Committee
  • Members must have an understanding of the Community Wellbeing and Safety Strategy (CWSS), or be willing to familiarize themselves with the CWSS
  • Members must read and understand the CWSS Advisory Committee Terms of Reference
  • Members must be familiar with the specific definition and criteria contained for each sector they are:
    • a) applying to the CWSS Advisory Committee to represent, and
    • b) approved by the CWSS Advisory Committee to represent

Applicants seeking to represent the Indigenous Sector will also participate on the ICAB. 

To assist in partnership facilitation, and as part of the federal Reaching Home (RH) grant, an ICAB is also required to advise on funding allocations under the RH-Indigenous stream. 

The ICAB must have a minimum of three (3) members, which also form part of the Indigenous Sector Representation for the CWSS Advisory Committee membership.

The ICAB will be leveraged to help build relationships and provide a cultural lens on funding allocations not only under the RH-Indigenous stream but all other programs the CWSS Advisory Committee advises on. This partnership will develop ongoing communication to ensure Blackfoot perspectives are integrated and reflected in CWSS Advisory decision-making.

All three (3) ICAB Members must be present for funding allocation recommendation votes of the CWSS Advisory Committee.


Membership Selection

All prospective CWSS Advisory members must submit an application.

Following the application period, the Membership Nomination Subcommittee will review the applications received and rank applicants according to the CWSS Advisory guiding principles, skills matrix, and/or other governing documents.

Below is a list of the sectors, sector definition and criteria and number of seats available. 


Represents an organization or entity that provides medical servies (physical or mental) or otherwise facilitates the provision of healthcare to patients within Lethbridge



As nominated by, and drawn from, the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce


Representatives may be individual business owners or represent an organization or entity that supports the local economy and business interests


A minimum of (2) must be a member of the Blackfoot Confederacy Tribe. Representatives may also be an Indigenous resident representing an organization or entity that supports/advocates for Indigenous interests. Representation for this sector will also sit on the Indigenous CAB.


Representatives may be from an equity-deserving group or represent an organization or entity that advocates for diverstity,equity and inclusion within Lethbridge.


Representatives may be a self identifying immigrant and/or newcomer resident or represent an organization or entity that supports/advocates for immigrant and/or newcomer health.


Represents a faith-based organization or entity (inclusive of all faiths) that provides religious and/or spiritual guidance within Lethbridge.


Must be a resident (18+) of Lethbridge and able to represent the interests of the community holistically.


Represents an organization or entity that facilitates the provision of educational programming or resources within Lethbridge. This may include post-secondary institutions and school district representatives.


Representatives may be self-identifyed as having lived experience or represent an organization or entity serving those with lived experience of the following: 

  • Substance use addiction
  • Homelessness
  • Poverty
  • Social exclusion
  • Racism/discrimination
  • Mental or physical health challenges and/or disabilities
  • or any other relevant lived experience pertaining to the CWSS Advisory wellbeing factors


Represents an organization or entity that provides housing and/or homelessness services and resources to clients within Lethbridge.


Representative must be the Lethbridge Police Chief of designate.


Represents a local organization or entity within Lethbridge that participates in assisting offenders in the criminal justice system.


Represents an organization that provides support and services to Lethbridge


Represents an organization or entity that administers funding within Lethbridge.


Represents an organization or entity that supports/advocates for senior interests (and would be nominated by the organization)


Representatives must be a youth aged 14-24


Director of Community Services or designate.


Meeting Agendas & Minutes

​April 2023 - TBD  ​Agenda ​Minutes 

Committee Members

We are currently recruiting new members to sit on the CWSS Advisory Committee! At this time, we are encouraging members with the following sector expertise to apply:

  • Citizen-at-Large (2 representatives)
  • Indigenous Sector (2 representatives)
  • Business Community Sector (1 representative)
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Sector (1 representative)
  • Immigrant and/or Newcomer Sector (1 representative)
  • Faith Sector (1 representative)
  • Lived Experience Sector (1 representative)
  • Housing & Homelessness Sector (1 representative)
  • Criminal Justice System Sector (1 representative)
  • Senior Sector (1 representative)
  • Youth Sector (1 representative)
The deadline to apply is March 28, 2023 at 4:30p.m. 
Completed applications & supporting documents can be emailed to

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