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Fee Assistance Program

The City of Lethbridge Fee Assistance Program provides Lethbridge residents who face financial barriers with the opportunity to participate in Recreation and Culture programs and activities at a subsidized cost.

Confidentiality will be maintained, however communication with the organization offering the activity will be required to confirm the details.

To qualify for this program, you must:

  1. Upload proof of Lethbridge residency (e.g., current utility bill, bank statement, government-issued mail showing name and address).

  2. Upload proof of qualifying income status: 

    • Current Medical Service Card : If you are on AISH or Alberta Works
    • Lethbridge Housing Authority or other housing program letter
    • Provincial Income Support recipient documentation
    • Copy of a Refugee Protection Claimant document
    • Government-issued tax Notice of Assessment or Canada Child Benefit notice (within the past two years)
    • AND show gross household income that is below Statistics Canada's Low Income Cut-Off (LICO) (see chart). For example, if one person is on EI and the other adult is working, the combined gross income will be used. If the combined income is higher than the LICO, the household does not qualify for subsidy.)

Funding is available for one program/activity to a maximum of $150 per person from January 1 - June 30, and one program/activity to a maximum of $150 per person from July 1 - December 31, while funds are available.

Activities that qualify must:

  1. Be a Lethbridge organization or an organization with a branch in Lethbridge that holds a business license in Lethbridge.
  2. Be a minimum of 4 days/classes in length, be a camp, or be used for a membership at any organization that offers recreational or cultural activities, including virtual classes.
  3. Be eligible for federal tax credits under the former Physical Activity or Arts and Culture tax credit guidelines.

This program cannot be used for reimbursable fees (e.g., fundraising or uniform deposits), travel to out-of-town competition, or programs of three days or less. 

For those uncertain about the programs available, some websites to review for ideas are:  Active Lethbridge, Lethbridge Sport Council, and Allied Arts Council and/or ask City staff.

For questions, please contact or call 311. 

For assistance on filling out the application, please see the following information: 

  • For indivdiuals who require computer access only, please visit the following locations:
    • Volunteer Lethbridge; 
    • Lethbridge Public Library Main Branch;
    • Lethbridge Public Library Crossings Branch.
  • For individuals who require assistance with their application, please visit the following locations: 
    • Volunteer Lethbridge (by appointment only); 
    • CommunityLINKS at the Lethbridge Public Library Main Branch; 
    • Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organization; 
    • Nord-Bridge Seniors Centre (Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9:00am - 12:00pm, walk-in). 

Click the button below to fill out and submit the application form.

Application Form​​​​​​​​

Recreation and sport activities can also receive funding support through Kidsport (5-18 yrs. of age) and/or Jumpstart (4-18 yrs. of age), as well as Flame's Sports Equipment Bank for those 18 and under.

** The Fee Assistance Program policy is currently under review. **