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911 Text Service

A TEXT with 9-1-1 (T9-1-1) service is available for members of the community in the City of Lethbridge living with deafness, hard of hearing or speech impairment (DHHSI).

During an emergency, T9-1-1 provides 9-1-1 call centres with the ability to converse with the caller using text messaging. A special application allows City of Lethbridge Public Communications Centre staff (the answering point for 9-1-1 calls) to recognize the call as coming from a registered cell phone associated with a DHHSI community member and enables them to text with the caller and deal with the emergency.

Register for TEXT with 9-1-1

In order to use the T9-1-1 service, members of the DHHSI community must first register with their wireless service provider and confirm their cell phone’s compatibility with the program.

Calling in an emergency

In the event of an emergency, the T9-1-1 user must dial 9-1-1 on their registered cell phone, just as if they were making a voice call. Even if the caller cannot speak, the 9-1-1 call taker will be alerted of the DHHSI member’s needs and communicate with the caller via text messaging.

Please only call 9-1-1 for emergencies that require a response from police, fire or emergency medical services.

How it works and how to format your texts

Learn more about how T9-1-1 works and how to format your texts to be as clear as possible for the T9-1-1 call taker.

Discover how to access T9-1-1 with our instructional video for the hearing impaired:

9-1-1 voice calling

For those who are not living with deafness, hearing loss or speech impairment, 9-1-1 voice calling remains the best and most effective way to quickly access emergency services in Lethbridge and the surrounding communities.

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