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Interactive WebMAPs

​Welcome to the City of Lethbridge Interactive WebMAPs page. These Interactive Web​MAPs provide access to Lethbridge's most current geographic information through maps that you can search, customize, and/or print.

Please read the disclaimer.

To launch an Interactive WebMAP listed below, click on the icon to the left of its description. 


This Interactive WebMAP provides you with access to City of Lethbridge maps showing Lethbridge streets, parks, ice centres, sports fields, pools, golf courses, recycling depots and aerial photography.


This Interactive WebMAP provides you with access to City of Lethbridge property information including: legal description, address, tax roll numbers, and up-to-date assessment and taxation information.


Are you interested in what Lethbridge Fire & EMS does every day? Look at the calls responded to on a daily basis - view incidents such as small fires, motor vehicle collisions and hazardous material calls.


This Interactive WebMAP provides information about truck route locations and the City of Lethbridge Winter Road Maintenance Program including snow and ice control priorities, as well as snow route locations.


This Interactive WebMAP helps assist members of the community to locate a place to sleep, something to eat, someone to talk to, a place to get clothes, to dry out, relax, or see a doctor, lawyer or counsellor.


The Youth Advisory Council and the City of Lethbridge has developed this Interactive WebMAP for the youth in our community to assist and provide information about services, programs and activities that are youth-focused.


Interactive map for City of Lethbridge Census data. Results are shown per Census Tract.


Digital Mapping Data

Are you looking for digital mapping data such as streets, parcels or even aerial imagery covering the City of Lethbridge?  If so, much of what you are looking for may be found in the City of Lethbridge Open Data Catalogue.  Please visit the City of Lethbridge Open Data Catalogue to search for and download the information you are interested in.

If you are unable to find the data you are looking for in the City of Lethbridge Open Data Catalogue, it still may be available.  To inquire about other available data, please contact us by calling 403-320-4999 or emailing  Data provided outside of the City of Lethbridge Open Data Catalogue can be requested online

Aerial Imagery

Currently, the City of Lethbridge acquires new aerial imagery every two years.  Previous years' imagery is available through the City of Lethbridge Open Data Catalogue.  To purchase the most current imagery, please contact us by calling  403-320-4999 or emailing  See below for pricing details.

2019 Aerial Imagery Pricing

High Resolution Colour MrSID Format      $925 (full image)

High Resolution Colour Tiff Format           $25/km2, $25 minimum charge

Data Customization 

In line with the City of Lethbridge Open Data License, the City of Lethbridge is committed to providing free and open data for public use that is easy to find, access, use and share.  If you require data provided by the City of Lethbridge to be customized, analyzed, converted or modified in any way, a service fee will be charged at a rate of $50/hour with a $50 minimum charge.  For more information please contact us by calling 403-320-4999 or emailing

 All prices above include GST.




City of Lethbridge Interactive WebMAPs are illustrative only.
The City of Lethbridge offers this information in good faith but makes no warranty or representation, expressed or implied, with regard to the correctness, accuracy and/or reliability of the data.
Do not rely on these maps as being precise indicators of feature locations, measurements, routes, or navigation.

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