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Right of Way

Standard Drawings & Construction Specifications

Here you will find Standard Drawings, and Construction specifications related to right of way.

For more information about wayfinding signs and/or new community decorative banners within a developing neighbourhood please click here.

Election Signs & Civic Banners

Election Sign Guidelines as well as Civic Banner Guidelines outline the process and identify safety and operational requirements, as well as provide general conditions, clarity, and direction to individuals who would like to understand this process from the perspective of either the applicant, business or citizen.

Questions about Temporary Signs on Private Property? Please call 311 for details or click here to visit our Sign Applications page.

​Election signs announce or support political candidates or issues in connection with any vote or referendum pursuant to municipal, provincial or federal legislation. 

Download Election Sign Guidelines including Provincial Guidelines.

Our Elections page is also a great resourse for Candidates.

For additional information about Elections signage, please contact 311.

​The City of Lethbridge has recognized the impact temporary civic banners can have when promoting an event, an activity, or a community facility within the City, e.g. pride, heritage, identity, celebrations, achievement, and as such has developed a process to allow their display on City street light poles when a direct and substantial civic benefit exists. 

For additional information about Civic Banners, please call 311.

Outdoor Patio, Parklets, Mobile Vending & Street Vending

The City of Lethbridge wants to encourage the multi-use of public spaces to further enhance the vitality of the street while maintaining pedestrian/vehicular flow, public safety and in consideration of permanent businesses and residential neighbourhoods.

Outdoor Patios, Parklets and Street Vending Permits

For information about Mobile Vending & Mobile Vending Permit Guidelines, please contact 311.

Street Use Permits

Street Use (formerly Hoarding) Permits are required for the temporary use of the road Right of Way (ROW) for something other than its intended purpose, when work cannot take place solely on private property in order for the work to be completed safely and efficiently. This is to help to enable residents, contractors, movers, businesses, etc utilize a portion of the ROW for a specific duration.

Looking for Street Use Permits for Special Events? Examples of special events are rallies, walks/runs, fundraisers, car shows, block parties, road closures, etc.  Please call 311 or click here to visit our Special Events page.

Some examples of street use for residents could be placement of demolition bins, moving bins, scaffolding, demolition or construction materials, equipment, etc.

Street Use Guidelines & Permit Application Requirements 2022

For questions about street use permits, please call 311 or email ​to apply for a permit.

Some examples of street use (hoarding) for businesses could be monitoring of underground wells, window washing, lifting using a ladder or hoistor crane, temporary parking of an unattached trailer, etc.

Street Use Guidelines & Permit Application Requirements 2022

For additional questions about street use permits for business/contrators, please call 311 or email to apply for a permit.

Utility Location Assignments & Excavation Permits

Right of Way

Right of Way Coordination grants approvals and issues permits for deep and shallow utility installations within the City of Lethbridge. All assignments and excavation permit applications are made to the Infrastructure Department by calling 311 or by emailing

Need a Moving Permit?
House moves and wide or over dimensional load moves within the City. Please call 311 or click here to visit our Moving Permits page.

Utility Location Assignment Permits are required prior to the installation of any new infrastructure within the road Right of Way (ROW), within any City owned easement (Utility Right of Way; URW) or within any City owned parcel labeled as a Public Utility Lot (PUL). 

Utility Location Assignment Guidelines & Permit Application Requirements 2022

Submit completed ULA Applications to

Excavation Permits

Excavation Permits are required prior to construction taking place within the road Right of Way (ROW), within any City owned easement (Utility Right of Way; URW) or within any City owned parcel labeled as a Public Utility Lot (PUL) when the depth of the excavation is 30 centimeters (12 inches) or greater below the established elevation.

Excavation Guidelines & Permit Application Requirements 2022

Submit Excavation Permit requests to

Surface Repairs

A link to Asphalt/Concrete surface repair requests will be provided with all excavation permits issued.

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