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Learn how to vote in municipal elections in the City of Lethbridge, register as a candidate and view campaigning guidelines and election results.

Voting locations

On Election day there are several polling stations set up throughout the city. Eligible voters can vote at any polling station location. There are also voting stations set up in assisted living facilities, hospitals and senior residences.

Polls are typically open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on election day.

Voting from home

If you cannot vote at a polling station due to a physical disability or other reason, you can request to vote from home. Please call 3-1-1 to request this service in advance of the election day.

What you need to vote

You are eligible to vote if you can provide authorized identification which shows that you are:

  • At least 18 years old
  • A Canadian Citizen
  • A resident of Lethbridge

Before you can receive a ballot at the voting polls, you must sign the elector register stating that you meet these qualifications. Rather than receiving a voter card in the mail, voters fill out this form at polling stations before voting. This form only takes a couple minutes to complete, but you can also fill out the elector register form in advance and turn in a hard copy at the voting station, if you wish.

ID requirements

When you go to vote, you must bring one piece of ID that includes your name and current address. Photo ID is not required. Electronic versions of ID are acceptable.

We accept the following types of ID at polling stations:

  • Alberta Identification Card
  • Bank or credit card statement or personal cheque
  • Correspondence issued by a school, college or university
  • Driver’s license
  • Government cheque or cheque stub
  • Income or property tax assessment notice
  • Insurance policy or coverage card
  • Letter from a public curator, public guardian or public trustee
  • Pension Plan statement of benefits, contributions or participation
  • Residential lease or mortgage statement
  • Statement of government benefits such as employment insurance, old-age security, social assistance, disability support, or child tax benefit
  • Utility bill
  • Vehicle ownership, registration or insurance certificate

If your ID shows a post office box number as the address instead of a residential or legal address, it can be accepted if the address is in reasonable proximity to the voting jurisdiction.

You can submit the following types of attestations in place of ID:

As a last resort, another voter may vouch for you if you don’t have ID or a suitable alternative available. The voucher must state that they know you and where you reside. A voter can only vouch for one person that lives at the same residence.

Register as a candidate

Information will be updated on or before January 1, 2025, the first day of nomination period.

Disclosing financial contributions and expenses

All candidates have to file a disclosure statement, regardless of whether or not they are self-funded or elected.

Campaigning and sign guidelines

View our election sign guidelines for installing signs during an election period on public or private property.

Only nominated candidates that have filed their papers may campaign. You cannot use any City of Lethbridge, Lethbridge Elections, public school or separate school logos in campaign material. The Local Authorities Election Act prohibits campaign materials that appear to be a form of ballot (i.e., a mock ballot).

Campaigning activities and materials are not permitted in and around voting stations, including:

  • Canvassing for votes
  • Displaying signage
  • Wearing campaign materials such as pins and shirts

Election results

View recent municipal election results and candidate campaign contribution and expense disclosures from previous elections.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

View some of our most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about municipal elections in Lethbridge.

​​No. Lethbridge has an at-large system.  This means that each member of City Council represents the City as a whole rather than a particular neighbourhood.

Ballots are counted by an electronic vote tabulator.​​

​​If you attend school in Lethbridge but have family outside of Lethbridge who you usually live with when not attending school, then you are not eligible to vote. You must have a permanent address in Lethbridge in order to vote.

​You will be voting for:

  • A Mayor
  • Up to eight Councillors
  • Up to seven Public School Trustees or up to five Separate School Trustees

The City does not coordinate any forums. However, we will provide a list of any forums or debates that are taking place on this page.

Contact Us

City Hall
910 4 Avenue South
Lethbridge, AB T1J 0P6

Phone: 311
or 403-320-3111 (if outside of Lethbridge)


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