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Plans, Reports and Studies

The City of Lethbridge has developed and undertaken a variety of plans, reports and studies to establish community priorities and objectives and provide guidance for future development projects.

Civic Common Master Plan

Our Civic Common Master Plan aims to revitalize the Civic Common area and guide future growth by creating a welcoming and accessible space.

The Crossings Comprehensive Plan

The Crossings Comprehensive Plan is the initial overall site plan to emerge for the large portion of the core area designated as Direct Control under Bylaw 5531. The goal of the document is to establish the land use, design and required infrastructure parameters that meet both present day market conditions and long term goals previously outlined.

Community Social Development Reports and Studies

We have conducted a variety of community social development reports and studies to establish safe, inclusive community spaces where residents can access the social services and resources they need.

Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan

We designed our Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan (DARP) to guide future development in our downtown to create a vibrant and walkable neighbourhood.

Galt Gardens Master Plan

The Galt Gardens Master Plan is revitalizing the oldest park in our city through three key phases of development.

Heart of our City Master Plan

We developed the Heart of our City Master Plan as part of the long-term objective to revitalize our downtown, taking into account the unique planning requirements, standards and rules for the area.

Municipal Development Plan

Our Municipal Development Plan sets a long-term vision and policy guidance for the city based on priorities established through public consultation.

Mobility/Accessibility Master Plan

Our Mobility/Accessibility Master Plan aims to ensure that current and future infrastructure and programs are accessible for all members of our community.

Planning Projects, Plans and Studies

We have developed a variety of planning projects, plans and studies to examine development priorities in our community and develop guidelines for future development projects.

Public Realm and Transportation Study

The Public Realm and Transportation Study examines the infrastructure requirements for active and accessible transportation in the downtown area.

Recreation and Culture Master Plan

The Recreation and Culture Master Plan includes goals, outcomes and guiding principles that provide a foundational basis of the City's ongoing investment in recreation and culture. 

Strategic plans

We have developed a variety of strategic plans to advise Council on current and future development plans in the city.

Transportation documents and studies

We have developed several transportation documents and studies that assess the transportation needs in our community and identify strategic improvement opportunities.

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Phone: 311
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