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Public Realm and Transportation Study

The Public Realm and Transportation Study (PRATS) builds on the vision, ideas and concepts for downtown development that are expressed in the Heart of Our City Master Plan. The Study envisions a downtown that is both vibrant and harmonious with the historical origins.



This Study uses the downtown corridors identified through the Heart of Our City Master Plan and examines the facility requirements for active, alternative and accessible transportation as well as the disposition of freight, vehicles and parking in the downtown area.

The following key objectives were identified as part of the Study:

  • Facilitate the direction from the HOCMP as a guiding framework to develop public realm and streetscape concepts
  • Integrate transportation and urban design recommendations as part of preliminary designs for selected study streets
  • Determine 20-year requirements for pedestrian, transit, cyclist, freight, vehicle movements and parking in the Downtown district
  • Conduct a consultation and communication process that will effectively engage key stakeholders
  • Demonstrate the value of Form Base Codes through a relevant planning exercise
  • Prepare preliminary public realm designs based on ideas generated through the consultation process
  • Define public art opportunities within the study area

Priority streets and general study area

PRATS focuses on the whole downtown area, however, it specifically focuses on a few key blocks and streets that can be used to develop streetscapes and typical cross-sections in other areas. The Study area includes the following streets:

  • 2 Avenue South (from Scenic Drive South to 5 Street South)
  • 5 Street South (from 1 Avenue South to 6 Avenue South)
  • 3 Avenue South (from 8 Street South to 4 Street South)


The Study looks into the following topics to provide recommendations:

  • Active transportation (pedestrian facilities and cycling facilities)
  • Road geometry
  • Existing transit review
  • Existing parking conditions
  • Freight review

Master planning concepts

The following master planning concepts are included as part of the Study:

  • Create a beautiful downtown
  • Create a liveable and accessible downtown
  • Create a sustainable downtown
  • Create an exciting and vibrant downtown

Contact Us

City Hall
910 4 Avenue South
Lethbridge, AB T1J 0P6

Phone: 311
or 403-320-3111 (if outside of Lethbridge)


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