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Campaign Sign Guidelines

Election candidates and campaigners can install a campaign sign, or an election sign, in the City of Lethbridge during an election period. An election sign is a temporary sign announcing or supporting political candidates or issues in connection with any municipal, provincial or federal vote or referendum.

View the guidelines on:

  • The types of signs permitted in different locations
  • Where and when you can install signs
  • When you need to remove signs

Sign requirements and sizes

All election signs must include the candidate’s name, telephone number or email address and if appropriate, their political affiliation. Candidates must keep public signs neat and clean, and all signs must be free standing and secure. To place a sign on private property, candidates must have permission from the property owner.

Public property signs

Election signs placed on public property cannot be larger than 0.6 m by 1 m in size and can only have two sign faces. The tops of signs cannot be more than 1 m above the ground.

Provincial Right-of-Ways (ROWs) signs

Candidates can place public signs on provincial ROWs including:

  • 43 Street South between Highway 4 and Crowsnest Trail (Highway 3)
  • Crowsnest Trail (Highway 3)
  • Highway 4
  • Highway 5

Signs on provincial ROWs can be up to 1.5 square metres in size.

Private property signs

There are no size limitations for election signs on private property.

When to install and remove election signs

Federal, provincial or municipal election signs can be placed on public property and Right-of-Ways (ROWs) starting on a specified date before election day. Signs on both public and private property must be removed within three days of an election day.

Disposing of signs

If you are a resident with individual plastic election signs, you can recycle them in your blue cart after removing the base. You can dispose of sign bases and vinyl signs in your black cart. Candidates who need to dispose of many election signs can call 3-1-1 to arrange a drop off at the Waste and Recycling Centre.

Prohibited locations

Election signs cannot be placed:

  • Any closer than 20 m from the same candidate’s other signs
  • On any physical roadway structure including bridges, guardrails, retaining walls, fences, concrete barriers, fire hydrants, sidewalks, pathways, crosswalks or street light poles
  • On any street or highway sign
  • On interchange ramps (i.e., Whoop Up Drive at University Drive or Whoop Up Drive/6 Ave. S. at Scenic Drive)
  • On or blocking any traffic control device
  • On roads (including paved shoulders), centre medians, traffic islands or roundabouts
  • Within 30 m of an intersection with traffic signals or 15 m of an intersection without traffic signals
  • Within 500 m of a construction zone
  • Within a school zone or playground area

Prohibited types of signs

For safety and aesthetic reasons, election signs cannot:

  • Be illuminated
  • Display any flashing, rotating or moving light or have moving parts
  • Have balloons, kites or inflatable devices attached to or near them
  • Imitate or resemble the appearance of a traffic sign

Election sign guidelines and diagrams

View our election sign guidelines to find more details, including diagrams and maps for intersection rules, ramps and restricted locations.

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