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The Crossings Comprehensive Plan

The Crossings Comprehensive Plan is the initial overall site plan to emerge for the large portion of the core area designated as Direct Control under Bylaw 5531. Existing uses such as the schools, public library and soon to be built recreation center are designated as Public Building under Land Use Bylaw 5700 and do not form part of this Plan. As it may take many years before the whole Crossings site is fully realized, the goal of this document is to establish the land use, design and required infrastructure parameters that meet both present day market conditions and long term goals set in the West Lethbridge Phase II Area Structure Plan (ASP) and Benton Crossing Outline Plan. This Comprehensive Plan outlines the primary objectives and land uses that will be further detailed in subsequent development permit applications for individual sectors as those areas are developed.


The vision for the entire Crossings area is outlined in the West Lethbridge Phase II Area Structure Plan and in the Benton Crossing Outline Plan. Relevant excerpts from these plans can be found in Appendices B and C. The Area Structure Plan describes the ‘Community Core Concept’ for The Crossings as follows:

The Community Core is a pedestrian-oriented, mixed use centre where residents can live, work, shop, play, and learn. It also provides a focal point for surrounding villages and a range of public and civic facilities such as schools, libraries, and recreation centres; offering private commercial/retail business, offi ces, multi-unit housing, senior’s housing and a health clinic; all integrated in a common destination.


The Crossings Comprehensive Plan 2014 continues to build on the original vision.

The purpose of the C-CP is to: 

• Provide a detailed description and supporting illustrations of development issues such as land use, circulation, open space, and pathway development
• Describe building types and determine their relative location so that synergy is created within the plan area for future adjacent uses and existing development.
• Describe connectivity within the Crossings and broader West Lethbridge community to create a safe and comfortable pedestrian-friendly, multi-modal travel environment that will help realize ‘The Crossings’ vision.
• Provide design principles that optimize the synergies between private and public spaces that contribute to visually and spatially integrating land uses, and that help create a true community gathering hub.


The Crossings Comprehensive Plan 2014 (C-CP 2014) is, at this point, a high-level document and the plan remains conceptual which is subject to alterations and adjustments as a result of market conditions, new standards and consumer demand at the time of development. It is meant to provide a framework that subsequent development permit applications will comply to in greater detail. The developer, working with City administration, created this approach so that there was certainty with respect to process while allowing for flexibility to adapt to market trends. As development interest emerges and business owners and builders come forward with their own ideas and desires the land developer will include these within the development permit applications to accommodate them – within the context set out by the C-CP 2014. The overall site plan will account for future growth through a set maximum building area determined between the developer and Planning and Development Services department for each site.

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