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Intermunicipal Development Plan

The City of Lethbridge and County of Lethbridge Intermunicipal Development Plan provides a decision making framework for the areas adjacent to the municipal boundaries.

About the IDP

The City of Lethbridge and Lethbridge County share over 50km of border. The activities of each municipality are inextricably linked and affect one another. Both municipalities are committed to working together to enhance cooperation and achieve coordination wherever possible so that the effects that we have on one another and our residents is positive.

The current Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) was adopted by both the City of Lethbridge and County of Lethbridge municipal councils in October 2016. The plan provides a framework for the long range planning for lands of mutual interest. This planning will help ensure that land use conflicts across municipal borders are minimized, that opportunities for collaboration and communication are provided, and that processes are in place for the resolution of issues that may arise within the Plan Area.

2016 Intermunicipal Development Plan​ Document

​2016 Intermunicipal Development plan

Business Unit: Planning & Development

Key Contact: Maureen Gaehring
Community Planning Manager
Phone: 403-320-3191

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