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Bylaw 6265 - Municipal Development Plan (MDP)

What is this bylaw about?

Learn more about what a Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is

The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is a bylaw that sets the City's vision for sustainable growth in the present and future, with the goal of improving our quality of life, addressing the changing needs of our City, and fostering a prosperous economy. This bylaw will replace the previous MDP, which helped support projects in our community like Legacy Park, CASA, the Helen Schuler Nature Centre, and many more.

The new MDP will build on the existing vision and desired outcomes of the old MDP, while adding more detailed and measureable goals, as well as a new framework to implement our goals and measure the success of our projects.

The MDP aims to make Lethbridge a City that is well designed, economically prosperous, healthy, diverse,  culturally vibrant, environmentally responsible, and supportive of our regional partners. 

> Read the full Version of the new Municipal Development Plan 

Notice of Public Hearing 

March 1-5, 2021 March 29- April 1

Council Chamber at City Hall

Live Stream will be available at:

Download Copy of Notice

How can you participate?

 If you wish to make a written submission on the Bylaw, fill out a submission form no later than noon on Friday, February 26, 2021 Thursday, March 25, 2021.  

You may also make a verbal presentation at the Public Hearing in March. Presentations are limited to five minutes. Please contact to confirm your attendance.

When will the Public Hearing be? 

The Municipal Development Plan submitted for Council consideration is a long document that will require an extended Public Hearing to allow enough time for Council to listen to presentations from the public and stakeholder groups and to ask clarifying questions. 

The Public Hearing will be held  from Monday, March 29 to Friday April 1, starting at 4 p.m. each day in the Council Chamber at City Hall.  

Public Hearing Date

Scheduled Topic

Monday March 29 2021

Document sections 1-4 (MDP Background and Community Profile);  portion of document section 5 (Local Economy, Arts, Culture and Heritage, and Relationships Policies)

Tuesday March 30 2021

Portion of document section 5 (Transportation, Utilities and Servicing, and Environment Policies)

Wednesday March 31 2021

Portion of document section 5 (Community Wellbeing, Housing, and Places policies)

Thursday, April 1 2021

Document section 6 (Implementation); document section 7 (Appendices: (Glossary, Guide to Reserves, Policy and Outcome Relationship, Development History and Data Notes)).

*On April 1, the public is also welcome to make presentations on previously discussed items

Need more information?

The draft bylaw can be provided upon requested from the Office of the City Clerk (

For more information about the bylaw:
Genesis Hevia Orio, Community Planner 

Tyson Boylan, Senior Community Planner