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Capital Improvement Program



The Capital Improvement Program, or CIP, is a plan that identifies required capital projects and provides a planning schedule and financing plan. The 2018 - 2027 CIP was approved by City Council on May 23, 2017. ​Click the link below to view the 2018 - 2027 CIP document:


Members of the Finance Committee reviewed and deliberated all CIP projects during the week of May 15 - 19. For more information on approved projects, visit our news centre​ or click on the deliberation dates below:

Monday May 15, 2017:

  • Overview of the CIP process and CIP funding

Tuesday May 16, 2017:

  • Section C & CO - Transportation Projects
  • Section E & EO - Environmental Utilities
  • Section F - Electric Utility Projects
  • Section D - Community Projects (Previously approved, alternate funding and planning projects)

Wednesday May 17, 2017:

  • Exhibition Park Trade, Convention Centre & Agriplex
  • River Valley Protective Fencing
  • Galt Museum Parking Lot Upgrade
  • Galt Gardens Reconstruction
  • Spitz Stadium Grandstand - Phase 2

Thursday May 18, 2017:

  • 3 Avenue South (4 to 8 Street) Reconstruction
  • Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden Program & Community Facility
  • Crossings Branch Expansion and Enhancement
  • Legacy Park (Additional Amenities)
  • Fire Station #3 - 16 Ave S. Relocation and 911 Backup
  • New Fire Station #5 - West
  • Yates Enhancement
  • 3 Avenue South (Stafford Dr to Mayor Magrath Dr) Beautification
  • 4 Avenue South Enhancements
  • Arena Replacement
  • Royal View Memorial Cemetery - Phase 2
  • Southern Alberta Art Galley Facility Enhancements

Friday May 19, 2017:

  • Shooting Sports Facility Safety Enhancement
  • Henderson Lake Golf Course Upgrades
  • Performing Arts Centre

2018-2027 CIP Planning Process

A portion of the CIP is allocated to fund community projects. Community organizations that have identified a capital project or are interested in planning for an upcoming capital project have been working with the City of Lethbridge on this planning process.

The upcoming CIP has very limited funding for future community projects. Because of the limited CIP funding available in the next four years, those with CIP needs have been challenged to stretch their thinking and focus on what our community will need in the next 10 years and beyond.

During the planning process for the 2018 - 2027 CIP, there were multiple ways for the public to get involved including:

  • Attending CIP presentations at regular Council meetings
  • Reviewing CIP storyboards in static display from April 10 - 16
  • Attending the Open House on April 26 at City Hall
  • Providing feedback online though the City of Lethbridge website

The process for public feedback has now been closed and the 103 project storyboards that were shared ahead of City Council deliberations are shown here:

Please note: as members of the Finance Committee of Council begin deliberations for the 2018 - 2027 Capital Improvement Program, final project funding allocations may change and may not be reflective of the total dollars on these storyboards.

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