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Capital Improvement Program

The Capital Improvement Program, or CIP, is a plan that identifies required capital projects and provides a planning schedule and financing plan. All CIP projects are approved by City Council. 

The City of Lethbridge is currently in process of planning for its next CIP (2022-2031).

A portion of the CIP is allocated to fund community projects. Community organizations that have identified a capital project or are interested in planning for an upcoming capital project have been working with the City of Lethbridge on this planning process.

The upcoming CIP has very limited funding for future community projects. Because of the limited CIP funding available in the next four years, those with CIP needs have been challenged to stretch their thinking and focus on what the community will need in the next 10 years and beyond.

Members of the Economic Standing Policy Committee of Council will review and deliberate all CIP potential projects May 10-14, 2021.

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