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Fritz Sick Pool

Fritz Sick Pool is located at 420 - 11th Street South (attached to the Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organization).
Fritz Sick Pool is generally open year round.

Pool Information

  • 8 lane 25 m pool
  • Wheelchair ramp into smaller pool (between 3’-4’ depth)
  • Spectator seating in windowed area off the pool deck
  • Automatic lobby front doors
  • Barrier free lobby washrooms
  • Accessible ramp from change rooms
  • Barrier free pool access with pool chair lift and pool entry ramp

* please note that the doorways in this facility are very narrow and m​​ay not accommodate all wheelchairs.

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Fritz Sick Pool Amenities Sick Pool/Fritz Sick Amenities.jpgFritz Sick Pool Amenities
Fritz Sick Pool Change Room Sick Pool/Fritz Sick Change Room.jpgFritz Sick Pool Change Room
Fritz Sick Pool Sick Pool/Fritz Sick Pool 1.jpgFritz Sick Pool
Fritz Sick Pool Sick Pool/Fritz Sick Pool 2.jpgFritz Sick Pool
Fritz Sick Pool Viewing Area Sick Pool/Fritz Sick Viewing Area.jpgFritz Sick Pool Viewing Area