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Nicholas Sheran Leisure Centre Pool

Nicholas Sheran Leisure Centre Pool is located at 401 Laval Boulevard West and is attached to the Nicholas Sheran Ice Centre and the Gyro Spray Park.

Phone: 403 320 3046

Nicholas Sheran Pool generally operates year round.

Pool Information

  • 6 lane 25 m pool 
  • Toddler pool with mushroom water feature
  • Hot tub
  • Sauna
  • Spectator seating on deck
  • Fitness area
  • Family change rooms
  • Barrier free family change room
  • Pool chair lift
  • Barrier free bathrooms
  • Automatic Front Doors



Nicholas Sheran Kiddie Pool Sheran Pool/Nicholas Sheran Kiddie Pool.jpgNicholas Sheran Kiddie Pool
Nicholas Sheran Pool Sauna Sheran Pool/Nicholas Sheran Pool Sauna.jpgNicholas Sheran Pool Sauna
Nicholas Sheran Pool Sheran Pool/Nicholas Sheran Pool.jpgNicholas Sheran Pool
Nicholas Sheran Workout Area Sheran Pool/Nicholas Sheran Workout Area.jpgNicholas Sheran Workout Area
Nicholas Sheran Pool Change Rooms Sheran Pool/Nicholas Sheran Pool Change Rooms.jpgNicholas Sheran Pool Change Rooms
Nicholas Sheran Pool Games Room Sheran Pool/Nicholas Sheran Pool Games Room.jpgNicholas Sheran Pool Games Room
Nicholas Sheran Pool Hot Tub Sheran Pool/Nicholas Sheran Pool Hot Tub.jpgNicholas Sheran Pool Hot Tub